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How To Get Clients For Accounting Services [8 Converting Tips]

A  Are you run an accounting company? I’m here and going to share some solid and easy methods to get clients for accounting services. I’m working with accounting companies and got huge success with my strategies and today I’m going to share everything about it.

Recently I have one accounting client and last month they just received 24 phone calls from their Google my business profile, as well as they, got even more from the Google organic result too.

The business wasn’t getting any phone calls or customers from online unless they run PPC which was not cost-friendly and that’s not an evergreen method at all.

So, today I’m going to share something that might help you to generate clients month after month without spending any extra $$ on it. Sounds awesome right?

How To Get Accounting Clients

I’m going to deep dive into these all

Before that I’m going to show you something special:

So there are 246 million active users in the United States alone. And around 90% Google’s search engine market share.

How many people use local search in the united states? Anyhow, 88% of the users searching from their mobile and 46% are seeking local information though.

And a total of 28% of them making their purchasing decision by local search.

Is google charging their users to search? No !!

That means all the google search traffic is 100% free and highly targeted right? And if you would love to catch up or target these all free and highly targeted customers, I recommend you to read this full article.

Now I’m going to explain to you some fantastic methods to get clients for your accounting services.

8 Solid Tips get more clients for your accounting company

1. Choose your Perfect Accounting Niche

It’s okay, to offer all the services under your accountant company. But if you’re a new company and would love to get some excellent result as well as spending less $$ than your competitors, you should pick a single niche though. Because when you’re offering a special service to your ideal clients, it more closely attracts them to your service.

It psychologically works great. A single niche is represented your service more strongly than any others in the industry. Although it’s totally fine before you define a perfect niche, you could test a lot with different niches. So, it’s totally up to you and your ability.

2. Identify Your Target Clients

How to identify your target clients for your accounting services? It’s not so hard. Before you start your business, make sure you have a decent knowledge of it. You have to understand your audience’s needs and their actual problems though. In order to find the target client, we use Google search.

It’s not a formal google search though, rather you have to figure out whats your ideal clients searching for. If you get it, then you could represent your service to them and it’s just building a connection between you and your ideal clients.

How does it work?

Well, it’s called keyword research. Yeah, as an example:

So, you just put a keyword on google like “accountant in Los Angeles” and see google suggest you some keywords, it’s called LSI keywords.

Why did Google suggest more related LSI keywords when you just search one?

Because your target customers using all those keywords to find an accountant company. Sound great right?

That means, if you could use those keywords and represent your business by using those keywords, you could gain all of the target customers though.

But it’s not so easy. Just look at the right side corner, it seems CPC $10. That means, competitors are spending $$ to rank for this keyword, and per-click they spending $10. This is crazy high and you shouldn’t focus on PPC to compete with the competitors. Rather, if you try to rank it organically by using Local SEO, it could be easier and affordable though.

Look at this screenshot:

3. Go Where Your Clients Are

As I explained Google is the best to target them.

This is one of my accountant clients. They are ranking number 1 on the google map pack. If you search the terms and relevant keywords, you will see they are in pack 3. So, they’re getting most of the customers from google, and it’s 100%.

Just look at this, this is my other client and they received 208 phone calls in a single month. They don’t have to pay on any PPC or anywhere else. It’s totally organic customers. So, this is how to enter where your clients are.

4. Competitor Analysis\

Competitor analysis is important. Because you cannot just pick any keywords and try to rank. You have to figure out the easy keywords and focus on them by creating content. 

Relevant: How To Improve Google Local Business Ranking

In order to analyze your competitors’ proper way, you have to follow these simple steps:

Audit the google my business profile ( I have my own audit template for local SEO, you can use it)
Audit their website
Grab all the keywords they’re ranking for and list them
Check out their customer’s reviews and their exact problems
Check out their contents
Check out their social channels

These all steps are the primary things to understand their ability and relation between their customers. Also, it will help you to determine whats the exact problem facing the target audience. Because you and they’re targeting the same audience.

One problem is one opportunity to catch them (customer) up. This way, you could build your own service strongly and if you could solve the exact problems for your audience, it might help you to establish a strong business in the long run.

 5. Places to Find New Clients for Your Accounting Company

Google alone is great. But still, there are a lot of ways to get more clients though. You could focus on the social media and local business directories.

Facebook, Instagram

Facebook is the biggest platform to target any kind of audience. I know there’s nothing for 100% free. You have to spend on ads to target them.


LinkedIn is another great platform to generate b2b leads. The account is a B2B type of business. There are 55 million registered companies active on LinkedIn. There is a huge opportunity to get clients for your accountant services.

Free, paid both strategies are workable. I have another fantastic strategy, that I will write another blog post soon over the LinkedIn strategy.

Business Directories:

Business Directories and listing sites are awesome. You can easily find tons of business information from Yelp, Yellowpages, or such business listing sites. Just hire someone from Fiverr/Upwork and collect business information. Later you can manually outreach to the companies that need accountant services.

6. Upsell Complementary Services To Your Existing Clients

You can often increase business by offering additional services to clients you already managing. If they use your competitors for services you furthermore may offer, explain why your firm can serve them better.

But pick your moment and take some time. found out a special meeting, presentation, or workshop. Believe the foremost suitable forum. and do not just mention your firm. What are the extra benefits you’ll offer to your client? These could be:

cost or fee benefits
improved productivity
more accurate and reliable data
better service
smarter and experienced people.
And if your clients are already well-served? Search for opportunities to supply additional services to their partners, friends, and colleagues.

 7. Get Refer Clients

Business is not for today, it’s for the future. So, be honest and loyal to your clients. Don’t sell them service rather than help. If you could manage to maintain your business reputation this way. You would achieve a lot of referring clients by your existing clients. Personally, I run my agency and work with a lot of clients. Most of the clients are referred by my other/existing clients.

It’s a great feeling. I help them and they not only stay with me, rather they recommend me to their colleagues. And this way I’m getting a lot of clients though.

8. Hire The Right Company/Person

SEO is organic. So there’s a lot of analysis and research required in order to get the maximum benefits. So, only a true professional could help you to show something excellent. And you should focus only on your business though.

If you would like to hire someone, I have a few advice for that:

Check out their customer reputation
Ask some case studies
Compare their strategy with more reputed agencies
Ask some current reports from active clients
Then, if you feel they could help you to bring more business to your table, go with them.

I have my own monthly local SEO service You can check out.

Some Questions on How To Get Clients for Accounting Services

How to Market Your Accounting Services to Small Business Clients
List your business on google and create content on your website and google my business as well as social media to get noticed by the target client.

What do prospective clients consider when deciding how to choose an accountant?

As I explained in my full article, you have to analyze your competitor’s and client’s needs. If you figure out the exact problem and solve it out. Then you could probably achieve the clients easily. Clients’ expectations are the same in all the industry. This is the principle.

How To Generate Your First 100 Accounting Clients & Building Recurring Revenue.  If you follow the tips that I explained above, you could easily get a lot of clients. (I showed my clients are getting a lot of customers) So, once you hit the 10 clients in the same way you could reach 100 clients.

What are the key services offered by accounting firms?
Accounting assistance, Bookkeeping, General ledger review, Financial assessment reports, Business start, up consulting, Budgeting and forecasting, General business consulting, employee benefits consulting, etc.

How should I price accounting and bookkeeping services?
Look at the top 3 competitors and do it better than them. Just balance it

Some firms focus on a specific accounting specialization. Should I consider a niche accounting service?
I already explained above. It’s up to you and your ability. Single is good to target specific clients though.

Final Words:

Not only an accountant company, but I’m also working with many different industries and I admit it the principles are the same. The digital world makes everything easier. We just need to take full advantage and use it wisely. Do you still have any questions regarding how to get clients for accountant services?

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