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How To Get Clients For Nursing Agency – The Ultimate Guide

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    W  Well, are you run a nursing agency? Today I would love to share some solid tips to get clients for a nursing agency. Before you start any business make sure you have a decent knowledge about it. You know what’s the problem in marketing and how to solve it.

    If you have true solutions, you don’t have to be worried about customers.

    Before I deep dive into “How to get clients for nursing agency” I would love to show you something special.

    So there are 246 million active users in the United States alone. And around 90% Google’s search engine market share. 

    How many people use local search in the united states? Anyhow, 88% of the users searching from their mobile and 46% are seeking local information though. 

    And a total of 28% of them making their purchasing decision by local search.

    That means all the google search traffic is 100% free and highly targeted right? And if you would love to catch up or target these all free and highly targeted customers, I recommend you to read this full article.

    Now I’m going to explain to you some fantastic methods to get clients for a nursing agency.

    6 Solid Tips To Get More Clients For A Nursing Agency

    I have 7 solid tips to grow your nursing agency and generate regular clients month after months. Currently I’m working with some of my happy clients and applying these strategies. Lets deep dive into this.

    1. Identify Your Target Clients

    You have to figure our your ideal clients in order to catch them up. If you get them, you could easily target them. But how to determine about their activities?

    It’s not so hard. Before you start your business, make sure you have a decent knowledge of it. You have to understand your audience’s needs and their actual problems though. In order to find the target client, we use Google search.

    It’s not a formal google search though, rather you have to figure out whats your ideal clients searching for. If you get it, then you could represent your service to them and it’s just building a connection between you and your ideal clients.

    How does it work?

    Well, it’s called keyword research. Yeah, as an example:

    So, you just put a keyword on google like “nursing agency in Los Angeles” and see google suggest you some keywords, it’s called LSI keywords.

    Why did Google suggest more related LSI keywords when you just search one?

    Because your target customers are using all those keywords to find an accountant company. Sound great right?

    That means, if you could use those keywords and represent your business by using those keywords, you could gain all of the target customers though.

    But you cannot just pick all those keywords and expect to rank on google. Because there are a lot of ranking factors and your competitor using those keywords too. So, you have to analyze the keywords deeper and target more easy keywords to easily catch them up.

    Please read this article to understand: How To Improve Google Local Business Ranking

    2. Competitor Analysis

    In order to analyze your competitors’ proper way, you have to follow these simple steps:

    Audit the google my business profile ( I have my own audit template for local SEO, you can use it)
    Audit their website
    Grab all the keywords they’re ranking for and list them
    Check out their customer’s reviews and their exact problems
    Check out their contents
    Check out their social channels

    These all steps are the primary things to understand their ability and relation between their customers. Also, it will help you to determine whats the exact problem facing the target audience. Because you and they’re targeting the same audience.

    One problem is one opportunity to catch them (customer) up. This way, you could build your own service strongly and if you could solve the exact problems for your audience, it might help you to establish a strong business in the long run.

    3. Use Google local Search Traffic To Get More Clients

    This is my recommendation, as I already explained if you would love to target those highly targeted free google traffic, then list your business on Google My Business. I would love to repeat again there are 46% are seeking local information though. And a total of 28% of them making their purchasing decision by local search.

    So, whatever your company doing good or bad, if you aren’t in google pack 3 results, you’re missing a lot of customers and losing a lot of money.

    So, just list your business on google my business and optimize the listing. I have a proper GMB optimization service monthly basis. I already worked for a few thousand websites and helped a lot of businesses, ranked their business on google pack 3, and generate a lot of customers though.

    4. Create Website/blog

    Create your website and connect it to the google my business (GMB) profile. Add your service page and optimize the page. Blogging is an extra plus to make a connection to your target customers.

    Creating a new website is cost very very cheap.

    Pick a Domain [ $10 – $15 max for a year

    Choose a hosting [ $1.58/month from name cheap

    5. List Your Nursing Agency On The Top Local Directories

    After creating website and connecting with GMB, now time to list your business on the top local listing sites. Its really boost up your business as well as helps to increase organic ranking on google.

    6. Use Social Media to Get more clients

    Everyone is spending their time on social media. Facebook alone has roughly 2.8 billion monthly active users, and Facebook is the most popular social network worldwide according to Statista. 1 Billion + Monthly users and 500+ millions daily users visiting instagram.

    So, there are huge opportunity to target any type of customers over there.

    Optimize your social channels, tell about your service, go regular live and build strong relationship with your ideal clients from social media.

    Final Words:

    Digital marketing is the best and most easy solution to target your ideal clients and build a strong relationship in a long run. If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to contact me. I would love to help personally.

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