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DevsBrianTeam completed over 415 web projects of 278 clients at various marketplaces.Leading Wordpress website & Customization, Any custom website, Ecommerce solution, Shopify Store, Woocommerce website, Landing page, Email template design, Mailchimp automation, Sign-up/Pop-up/Gravity Form Specialist Freelance TEAM.

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We provide solutions to businesses through UI Design, Web Design & Develop, High Converting Landing Page Design, E-commerce Store & Shopify Store to help them grow.

With our experience of building 450+ websites in different industries, we know what converts. The websites we design are engaging, built to sell and reflects your brand.

Your website is a reflection of your brand, and it's the way you communicate with your clients.

Modern website designs and branding tell your story and compel visitors to book an appointment. It’s step #1 to building a network of enthusiastic brand evangelists who can’t stop raving about their dentist.




Turn your visitors into customers with a powerful website

....that your audience emotionally connects with.

Our website designs encourage your visitors to take action by creating landing pages with conversion in mind.

Create custom product visuals that explain the true value of your features and helps visitors understand your offerings.

Design a beautiful, targeted website that engages your visitors, reduces bounce rates and drives more conversions.

Ensure all content is readable and all design best practices are followed.

Work with illustrators to create unique visuals for your website and marketing assets.

Optimize your website for speed, performance and SEO.

Build a flexible, easy to manage blog and CMS systems to support your content marketing efforts.

We keep the audience in mind by making sure our websites are optimized for the ideal mobile user experience.

Help you launch the website with zero disruptions and ensure the site is performing well post-launch.






Turn your visitors into customers with a powerful website that your audience emotionally connects with.


Van’s Kitchen makes millions of egg rolls every year, but people eat them one bite at a time. It’s their promise to their customers to make every bite the best one.



With 30-minute expert facials by licensed estheticians who get your skin, say goodbye to guesswork.


Parsley Health’s doctors create bespoke plans for their patients that incorporate nutrition, lifestyle alterations, supplements, and advanced diagnostic testing.


The world’s first geothermal rum distillery and cask ageing facility, built using our unique patent-pending green technology


People need a place to prosper – professionally and personally. We believe in giving our team members a supportive, caring environment that enriches their lives.


We have spent years researching and refining our services to make sure that we offer the most innovative and enriching experience for our wonderful clients and their pets.


At the heart of the FFORA product range is the FFORA Attachment – a clamp and open dock that attaches securely around the lower tubes of most manual wheelchairs.


Women’s health without limitations. We strengthen the healthcare experience for OB/GYNs and the patients that rely on them.


Connie Maxwell has positively impacted thousands of individuals throughout our long history. We are a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA).

We handcraft beautiful and modern Websites

Our stellar web design services have helped dozens of businesses develop a quality, lead generating website.

We give you a website that is responsive, interactive, and modern. Next, branding and SEO push you to the top of the search results.

We make sure your website is user-friendly, fast loading and secure. We are not satisfied until you are!

Grow Your Business with strategic design

Having a vision in your head and executing on it in the digital space can be hard. That’s where We come in!

We design beautiful websites that set you up for long-term success. Whether you just need a refresh or are starting from scratch, We can help you optimize your website design for more sales, leads, and traffic.

Our Website Design Process

Every website needs to attract visitors and help people understand the product or service and the company behind it. This can be done through using the right visuals, content, and interactions.

Goal Identification

In this stage, we gather requirements and work with the client to determine the goals of the new website.

Scope definition

Here we anticipate the scope of the project and determine the respective requirements and feasibility.

Wireframe creation

Once the scope of the project is clear, we dig into wireframing determining the content and features.

Content creation

This stage includes creating SEO-optimized content with relevance to the context and features of the website.

Visual Elements

Once the sitemap and content are in place, we begin working on the visual, keeping the brand guide in mind.


Once we have created the design and the interface, it is time to perform the website design testing.

build your business ...


Why DevsBrain Team?

We are an experienced and passionate team of professionals that live and breathe web design and development. All our services are offered in-house and are integrated to exceed your business requirements. We are pioneer in presenting genuine & inventive web design, web development and search engine optimization solutions in slicing, adaptation, assimilation and customization services.

Designed to Convert

■ Designed with business in mind
■ Photos and videos that tell your story
■ Compelling calls-to-action

Our Best Service

■ Mobile first
■ ADA compliant
■ Integrates with practice software

Optimized for SEO

■ On-brand copy
■ Keywords to help you rank #1 in Google
■ Fast load time

We help create products UI/UX Design while keeping in mind the brand, overall design, usability, and functionality.



Extra things we can do to help build on the success of your new website

Once your new site is launched and live, the question to consider is, what next? A new website on it's own can only do so much and you can choose from selection of complementary services to help you get closer to achieving your objectives.


Helping Google to like your website more, so it can be shown to more patients.


Care and protection for your new business asset (your website) so your marketing dollars are not wasted. For peace of mind and protection this is essential.


Google My Business optimisation so your practice appears in the maps when patients search in your local area.

Creating High Converting "LANDING PAGE" That Attracts & Sells For You

Fact: Our brains are naturally hardwired to process visual information 60,000x better and faster than text.There’s No Better Way To Separate Yourself From The Commoners Than Becoming The Best In Your Industry And there’s no better way to do it than first appear as THE BEST with a kick-ass Landing Page Design!

High converting & sells for you

Fast loading, mobile responsive landing page

Show product or service landing page

Will be different from competitors

Without a Sales Funnel , Your sales team is flying blind

Are you looking for Leads Generation, Sales Generation or Webinar high converting awesome landing page or sales funnel to Sell products or Collect Lead or Get Traffic ! Sales funnel have that power to boost your sales in any occasion like (black friday, christmas etc).


This step lays the foundation for your sales funnel. By researching your market and identifying your ideal customers, we can build buyer personas that will help you choose the best strategies for the remaining three steps.


This step covers how to build out the top of your funnel. Implementing a traffic acquisition strategy that begins with lead magnets targeted to right traffic sources. This step may also include getting contact information or a social media follow from your ideal customers.


This step lays the foundation for your sales funnel. By researching your market and identifying your ideal customers, we can build buyer personas that will help you choose the best strategies for the remaining three steps.


In this step, we’ll design and implement an offer that naturally transitions your audience from content consumers to product purchasers

9X growth in new patients

Brimfield Family Dentistry

Brimfield, IL

Startup practice

   Best decision I made.

16% website conversion rate

Atlanta Center for Advanced Periodontics

Atlanta, GA

Fee-for-service practice

  Patients say they booked because of our website.

120% increase in revenue

Hildreth Dental

Kennesaw, GA

Recently purchased practice

  We have seen excellent results with new patient flow.
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