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Google My Business (GMB) Local SEO

How To Improve Google Local Business Ranking? [17 Crazy Tips]

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    A  Are you searching for “how to improve google local business ranking? In order to increase your local search ranking first of all you need to know what is local SEO and whats the local search intent actually.

    What is local SEO?

    SEO means, search engine optimization but what mean by local SEO?

    Well, local SEO is a process of increasing your business ranking in your local area. If you have a local business like carpet cleaning in Brooklyn. So, you have a list of keywords like carpet cleaning in Brooklyn, Brooklyn carpet cleaners and so.

    Local SEO Audit Checklist

    Now, if you’re trying to rank those keywords for your business it’s called local SEO.

    If you’re still targeting an audience that is located in the same geographical area as your business, you need to optimize for the local intent keywords for that. The process of optimizing local intent keywords is called local SEO.

    What is Local Search Intent ?

    According to yoast “Search intent (or user intent, audience intent) is the term used to describe the purpose of an online search. It’s the reason why someone conducts a specific search.”

    According to Wikipedia ” Local searches exhibit explicit or implicit local intent.[1] A search that includes a location modifier, such as “Bellevue, WA” or “14th arrondissement”, is an explicit local search. A search that references a product or service that is typically consumed locally, such as “restaurant” or “nail salon”, is an implicit local search.”

    The local intent is, for example, A user looking for an immigration lawyer in Downtown LA. So, he/she put the local key phrase in their search keywords like “immigration lawyer in Downtown LA” its called local intent.

    Local SEO is the process of optimizing your local intent keywords and rank your business in the same geographical area as your business.

    So, how to do local SEO? 17 Google maps optimization tips

    There are a few simple steps to help your local business:

    If you are a local business owner and trying to rank your business in the local area, you have to follow these google maps optimization tips:

    Create a google my business profile
    Setup the profile and make sure you fill up all the options and make the profile is 100%
    Optimize the profile and keep it up to date.
    Create a regular post and upload real photos of your business
    Ask your customers to leave reviews
    Optimize your business site (google business site) under the GMB
    Make sure you have a well-optimized, mobile-friendly website
    Your website must be well-structure with strong siloing
    The website must load fast and represent your business professionally
    Use the high-quality copy on each page (This is super important)
    Add your business map, driving direction on the service and silo pages
    On-page SEO is significant for local intent
    Create all the social brand profiles

    Be active on the main social media and build a strong relationship with your target audience. Social media always will help you to determine the exact needs of your customers.

    List your business on the top business listing sites (check out our citations service) Reach out to some local and related bloggers and publish some relevant content on their blog and take some high-quality backlinks from there.

    Add value to your target audience and keep going on.

    Some pro tips to rank your local business much better than your competitors

    Most of the simple and easy steps I tried to explain shortly but here are some pro tips that might help you a lot to increase your local search ranking. This is I gain from my personal experience as I’m managing 100+ local business clients for a couple of agencies. So, I’m doing a lot of tests and trying to be up to date with the most updated strategy.

    My clients are really very satisfied and I have a lot of regular clients keep paying me for their results, I’m adding value to their business and they just keep paying me. Its simple right?

    Creating GMB posts:

    I strongly recommend creating GMB posts regularly at least twice a week. It will help you a lot. Always use geotagging images with your posts.

    Upload regular images

    Upload regular images on your GMB but remember don’t over-optimize the images. The best practice is to capture photos from your mobile and upload it on your Facebook business page and download it.

    Add geotag and rename the image with focus keywords and then upload it to the GMB. Why I’m asking you to upload on your Facebook page first? Because it makes your image more relevant to your business. Google loves relevant, it’s a good practice though.

    On-page is significant

    As I said, on-page is significant, so pay attention on your website. Optimize the titles for the proper local approach. You can follow this template (Keyword | location | brand name ) for the title.

    Make sure all the images has ALT text and add schema code on each page. Use the URL HTTPS means you have an SSL certificate. And make sure your site is mobile friendly and fast loading.

    Always use the theme is very simple and eye-catchy. Avoid heavy theme.

    Add Silo pages

    We use silo pages and a proper internal linking strategy. Like you’re adding 12 silo pages per month on your website.

    So, 6 pages should be niche relevant content and 6 should be geo-targeted area relevant content. And add the maps in unique way on each silo page.

    Sometimes use the business map, sometimes use the driving direction around the main city, and you can circle 12 miles from the main location. Alos do it on-page and off-page both.

    On this page, I use one original business map and one driving direction. So, if we use 12-page on-page and 12-page off-page then it comes with 24 unique driving directions and 24 times using the original map.

    So, if you create unique content and add unique driving directions to feed google, it helps your business like crazy. Or you can also use our monthly local SEO service.

    Just for an example this in one of my recent client:

    And this is my other client we made them in the top within 2 month

    I have a lot more real examples I can show you how we help business owners and get the business top on local search.

    I hope you have a clear idea of how to do local SEO exactly, I just explained in very shortly. If you have any questions or interested to work with me please feel free to reach out here.

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