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50 Best Social Media Marketing tips – No One Told You

T  These are less know tips which very few people know about so must read and apply.

Social media like Instagram are very big platform for any business and brand growth.

If you can capture the right audience in right way no one can stop you from marketing and growing your business.


1. Set Goals
2. Plan Using a Social Media Calendar
3. Follow Correct Social Media Image Sizes …
4. Have a Content Strategy for Each Social Network
5. Select the Best Channels For Your Business
6. Define Your Social Media Voice And Tone
7. Handle Negativity With Grace and Sincerity
8. Post at the Best Times
9. Find An Effective Posting Frequency.
10. Focus On Quality Over Quantity
11. Automate Processes Where Possible
12. Don’t Sound Like A Corporate Drone
13. Mix Up Your Content
14. Don’t Use Slang Unless It’s Relevant To Your Brand 15. Research Your Competitors:
16. Create A Social Media/PR Disaster Plan
17. Track And Act On Engagement Data
18. Claim Your Usernames On Channels, Even If You’re Not Active On Them
19. Be Smart About Your Social Media Contests
20. Don’t Rely On Auto Cross Channel Posting Settings
21. Research Your Hashtags Before You Use Them
22. Use Humor Sparingly 23. Limit Employee Access To Company Social Media Accounts
24. Optimize Your Social Profiles for Maximum Exposure
25. Ignore Trolls

5 Facebook Marketing Best Practices

1. Use Hashtags Sparingly on Facebook
2. Upload Video Directly
3. Keep Your Post Copy Brief
4. Complete Your “About” Section Properly
5. Avoid Overly Promotional Post Copy

5 Instagram Marketing Best Practices

1. Use Location Tagging on Posts
2. Tag Accounts When Sharing Influencer Content
3. Don’t Forget About Hashtags
4. Reply to Dms on Time
5. Strive For Authenticity (Rather Than Overly Promotional Posts)

5 Twitter Marketing Best Practices

1. Respond to Comments
2. Avoid Hashtag Spam
3. Use Threads to Drive More Engagement
4. Tag Influencers and Partners In Tweets
5. Automate Your Twitter Schedule

5 LinkedIn Marketing Best Practices

1. Create a Summary That Stands Out
2. Disclose That You’re Open to New Opportunities
3. Use Numbers & Data To Emphasize Accomplishments
4. Network, Network, Network
5. Pick the Right Profile Photo

5 YouTube Best Marketing Practices

1. Write engaging, must-see titles
2. Optimize your videos for visibility
3. Engage with the YouTube community
4. Cross-promote your own videos on You Tube
5. Encourage viewers to follow your series


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