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DevsBrianTeam completed over 415 web projects of 278 clients at various marketplaces.Leading Wordpress website & Customization, Any custom website, Ecommerce solution, Shopify Store, Woocommerce website, Landing page, Email template design, Mailchimp automation, Sign-up/Pop-up/Gravity Form Specialist Freelance TEAM.

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Real Estate Website Design

Not Just Modern Website

Think about how much time everyday people spend on the web on their phones! It makes sense to set up a mobile-friendly site that will help them find homes and properties quickly and easily.

Increase Sales With Us

We specialise in helping your business get noticed online as well as generating leads for your business.

Highly Responsive Site

SEO Friendly + Mobile Responsive + User-Friendly = combination of a perfectly responsive website.

SEO Friendly

Our expert web developers will tick off this checklist & craft an appealing website for your business.

The client capture process ..


✓ In this age of data and technology, a visible and polished website is a critical part of the foundation of success – for any business. But the team at DevsBrain understands that a professional looking website is only half the battle. Our experienced designers, developers and SEO specialists work closely together to produce a superior, mobile-friendly site and establish a marketing strategy based on the very latest SEO trends and strategies. This is especially important given how competitive the law firm landscape is.

✓ Our forward-thinking clients realize that it is essential to not only have a visually-appealing website but that they must rank in the top of the search engine results pages. Generally, people searching for a business click on and compare between four and five websites before making a decision on which business to contact. This, in turn, means that your potential client is viewing your competitors’ sites as well. First impressions count. Your website needs to stand out from your closest competitors.


Browse our portfolio of beautiful, responsive websites from our satisfied clients. We have designed and promoted websites nationwide.

Compelling real estate
website design

A compelling real estate website design is important in today’s ever changing world. High quality real estate websites can provide value to clients with online MLS real estate listings, important buying and selling information, FAQ’s, community resources and more.

A real estate website design that is well done can provide a lot of information to your clients in a streamlined, effective way, and help clients make decisions on what properties they are interested in, as well as ones they would potentially want to tour. From providing photos of properties, to virtual tour functionality — as a real estate web design company, we can build and develop a website design for your real estate agency needs.

Being able to provide property listing information via your real estate website is essential in helping clients with their decisions. Utilize our real estate website design services to build plugins and features into a new website that will showcase your properties in an elegant and organized fashion. No matter how you want to display your property information, DevsBrainTeam can work with you to make your vision come to life through your real estate web design

WordPress software for real estate website development

WordPress is a very popular CMS otherwise known as a Content Management System. There are many top companies both small and large that use WordPress for their own websites. Big brand names that use this software include: Disney, Sony, The New York Times, and Facebook. About 40% of the websites on the internet are powered by WordPress and more sites are making the switch every day.

The highly customizable nature of WordPress makes it easy to create the exact look and feel that you are looking for in your real estate website design. With thousands of plugin options and endless theme designs we can create a website that speaks to the specific needs of your real estate agency.

Real estate agencies need a website design that will provide information, is professional, modern, and easy to use. FreshySites is a five-star rated website design agency that will work with you to create a real estate website design that will benefit your firm and your clients.

The benefits of WordPress for real estate web design

There are so many benefits to using WordPress which explains why so many companies — both large and small — are making the switch. First, WordPress is free and open-source. The fees associated with FreshySItes are for our customization, and real estate website build. You’ll never have to pay extra for WordPress itself.

WordPress is adaptable so you can create any type of website including a blog site, informative business sites, e-commerce shops, portfolios, non profit sites and many more — the options are endless. WordPress also offers thousands of plugins, and themes so that your real estate website design can be personalized to your specific agency needs.

Additionally, WordPress is easy to use and navigate. Our real estate website design services will focus on building a beautiful website that is optimized so that you can focus on connecting with your clients. Once the site is built out you’ll be able to make edits on your own and you’ll find that changes such as adding a blog post, making text edits or photo changes are simple. Social media integrations also allow you to share content from your website with a larger audience.

SEO optimization for real estate web design

For a real estate agency it is imperative that you can be found through search engines to be able to get in front of more potential clients. At FreshySites we make sure all of our real estate websites are optimized and follow SEO best practices. Our process for SEO includes researching keywords that users search for. We will then implement the best keywords into your site headers, content, tags, and meta descriptions. Our team will also implement local SEO practices into your website to make your real estate firm more visible in your local area to both property owners, property sellers, and those looking to purchase. The SEO experts at FreshySites will ensure that your site is optimized fully and follows best practices to set you up for success.



We make sure that potential buyers and renters can find the right property easily. That is gained through the introduction of a convenient search bar, and a categorized property listing


Since the neighborhood is one of the determining factors for clients, we design a property page that allows users to view a 360-degree panorama on services like Google and Apple Maps


To increase the chances that the deal will be closed, the features of properties you sell or lease, for instance, summary information, floorplans, photos etc, will be highlighted


With the help of numerous web forms and pop-ups, your company will generate more leads, which means more conversions, and, accordingly, more sales. And we will take care of that


To provide your clients with an opportunity to book visits and check their status at any time and place they like, we will design a corresponding property viewings calendar


We will do our best to ensure that your clients can effortlessly sign up on your site and that their details are safely stored in your database


The possibility to print any property page on your website will be greatly appreciated by both buyers and real estate agents


The availability of sections with the latest news and a blog is another way not just to declare your own story but to share your knowledge on various matters, for example, choosing a property

Our Websites Are Built For:

First Time Buyers

Buying a house for the first time is an exciting prospect, but it can also be a nerve-wracking experience for first time buyers. Our website design services will put your clients at ease, and the many integrations will assure prospective buyers have all the information they need.

Property Sellers

Numerous factors are involved in successfully selling a property, including setting the right price and making a positive impression on buyers. The industry is competitive, but our bespoke websites will position you as a reputable and proactive estate agency.


It’s no secret that renters are busy people, and most want to evaluate whether it’s worth visiting a property. With our dynamic property portal, you’ll be able to highlight every single element of a house or apartment, ensuring browsers get a first-class experience.


Landlords invest a lot of trust in their chosen estate agents. Not only do agencies have to find the right tenants, but it’s also their responsibility to ensure the property is well cared for.

A well-designed website that shows your dedication to perfection is a perfect impression to make with landlords. It could be the difference between you becoming a trusted agent or struggling to acquire rental properties.

A quick message from Rokon Haque

DevsBrainTeam is owned and operated by Rokon.

I founded DevsBrainTeam so I could help people like you. Too many Real estates are relying on referrals and out-dated marketing strategies.

Even though most Real estates could get amazing results with digital marketing.

Would you like more high-quality clients?

My team and I look forward to helping you!

Rokon Haque

Friendly Website Designs

Friendly Website Designs

We design, structure and program your legal group's website to not only look great, but also to attract search engines, increasing your ability to rank.

Marketing Solutions

Marketing Solutions

Our experienced team can handle ALL aspects of your firms internet marketing strategies, from ppc management, to social media and organic search engine optimization.

Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising can be very effective to:Create brand awareness, Drive traffic to your website, Generate leads, Sell products and services

build your business ...

Real Estate Websites

Our Four-Step Estate Agency Website Design Process


Most real estate websites are finished in 2 to 4 weeks

All of our prospective clients receive a free consultation, which is the perfect opportunity to discuss your requirements and learn how we can help you.

If you decide you’d like to proceed, we’ll get to work on coming up with a winning design. Considering your preferences, our talented designers will ensure your website reflects your brand identity perfectly.

The developing stage is where we bring your design to life, implementing all the aesthetic features and infusing your site with powerful integrations.

Once the site is finished, we’ll send it to you and make any revisions based on your feedback. Then, when you’re 100% happy, we’ll sign everything over, and you can enjoy promoting your business!

Facebook advertising is a game changer for small business.

Do you need a powerful marketing strategy or Facebook Ad campaigns that help you sell out your products and services?

Strategy:  I create your campaign strategy to attract your ideal clients and get them to your desired action. 

Landing Pages Review – I review your lading page and thank you page and give you detailed feedback to make sure they are optimized for conversion and Facebook’s critical eyes.

FB ads copy – I will write the copy for your ads. If you already have ads copy I will review it for you, and possibly change it. Put simply, I know what works and what doesn’t.

FB ads approval – I make sure your ads are approved by Facebook.

Image Design: I will select and design attractive images for your ads, and we will test a set of 3 – 6 images to check what works.

Pixel installation: I will help you (or do it for you if you need) place the right tracking pixels on the right pages, so we can track your results and retarget your visitors.

You will also receive a Pixel reference document with your unique tracking pixels and installation instructions, so you always have them handy for future ads.

Laser sharp targeting: I will perform a thorough research of your target market to identify who they are, where they are and what they are most likely to respond to. So you get the right leads. This is also great market research. You will have useful data that you can use over and over for future campaigns.

Campaign and ad setup: I will create and set up your ads in Facebook, including a number of different ad sets to optimize your campaign (so you pay less for leads).

Your campaign may include a number of different ads to a cold audience, a custom audience, a lookalike audience, and re-targeting ads. It’s all included.

Daily monitoring: I will constantly monitor your ads, interpret Facebook data and if needed, I will tweak your ads for better performance.

I will also switch off what’s not working and optimize what is working, so that you will get more leads for less money.

Reporting: In our Google shared Folder you will have instant access to your results, which I update often, so you can keep track of your ads performance.

Communication: We will discuss your ads performance after the first 72 hours.

I communicate with you often throughout your campaign to keep you informed and ensure your total peace of mind. If you have any questions at any time, you can easily reach me by email.

Data and market insights: Once we launch your campaign, we will have lots of data and insights into your target audience that you can use for future campaigns: what they respond to, what they don’t, how much you can expect to pay for ads in your industry, and so on.

Recommended budget: I recommend to start with a budget of at least $250 per campaign. This allows enough budget to test different audiences, design and copy, and find out exactly where your target market is and what they respond best to, so you can get the best results.

If you’re interested in using Facebook to increase your sales and grow your business, get in touch.

Is Google my business (Local SEO) Important for local business

When people search on google to find something important they’re highly targeted and serious customers. You can’t really ignore them. As an example: if you rank for 3 keywords in your city or where you are located, say every keyword has 100 search volume a month. That means, you’re appearing in front of your target customers 300 times a month. What if you’re ranking for 10 keywords?

It would be amazing right? And you will get a lot of phone calls from your highly targeted customers.

So again, if you’re not ranking on the Google Maps pack, you would really be missing a lot of business.

To catch up with those highly intended customers, you should optimize your Google my business profile to appear on the top. Because your competitors are optimizing their GMB regular basis.

Our Monthly Local SEO Services

Google my business audit
Google Business site optimization
10 – 15 GMB post per month
Use geotagging images for single and multiple locations
On-page SEO proper local approach
Local citations, business directory submissions
Niche + GEO citations
PDF and video submissions
Social brand profiles and Social signals
Proper schema markup
G-stacks with google property
keyword research
Powerful web 2.0 strategy
Silo content (niche + GEO specific)
Business map, driving direction, batch GEO map embedding
Layered Image
Image citations
Monitoring and reporting on a regular basis

DevsBrainTeam Reviews

Read our client reviews, and find out why estate professionals trust DevsBrainTeam with their web solutions.

I worked with DevsBrianTeam in the creation of a website I had been putting off for years. Mostly because I thought it would be hard and expensive. DevsBrainTeam made it easy, streamlined, and affordable. I am very happy with my new website and have been sending the link to everyone I know! They were responsive, helpful, and encouraging.
Charles Cooper
Boulder, CO.
“Our decision to work with DevsBrainTeam is one of the best marketing moves we’ve ever made. The website design is gorgeous and user-friendly, and the DevsBrain team is responsive, fantastic to work with, and extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of their industry. We look forward to a long, prosperous working relationship with DevsBrainTeam.”
Patricia Kelly
Rancho Santa Fe, CA
If you visit, it’s hard to deny that DevsBrainTeam did a flawless job creating and customizing my website. I get emails every week from agents around the country begging to know more about how I did my website and apparently everyone has DevsBrainTeam envy. So eat your heart out and then call them.
Milla Davis
Compass - New York, NY
Great follow-through during the entire process. The DevsBrainTeam kept moving the ball forward and delivered and A+ product in record time.
Isabelle Grotte
San Francisco, CA
"It’s always a pleasure to work with the DevsBrain team! They do outstanding work and we’ve received very positive feedback from our clients and fellow agents as to just how gorgeous our website is now!"
Perkins Real Estate Group
Montecito, CA
"I am so thankful for you and the whole team. Working with you has been the best decision of my RE career, and I mean it! Cheers to many years ahead!"
Gary Lee Whorton
Sedona, AZ
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