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Facebook Ads Expert

Facebook advertising is a game changer for small business.

Do you need a powerful marketing strategy or Facebook Ad campaigns that help you sell out your products and services?

Have you tried Facebook advertising but haven't achieved great results?

Do you find Facebook ads difficult and confusing to master? You are not alone.

-> Facebook advertising can be highly effective when done right. But if you don’t know what you are doing, you could be wasting a lot of money.

-> Facebook targeting capabilities are second to none, and it’s truly amazing what can be achieved. 

-> I’ve spent a long time mastering Facebook ads. In fact, I keep learning and testing new elements every day, perfecting my skills to ensure I deliver the best results for my clients.

-> That’s why I can take the guesswork and frustrations out of Facebook ads and help you achieve the kind of results you’ve been wanting.

build your business ...

Facebook advertising can be very effective to:

Summary - What you will get

✓ Landing Page analysis & Testing
✓ Setup Campaign Goals as per your business objective
✓ Target Audience Research & Competitor Research
✓ A/B testing across the campaigns
✓ Ads copies creation.
✓ Create Eye-catching and high-converting designs for your ads.
✓ Custom, interests, and lookalike audiences research and setup.
✓ Demographic audience setup
Pixel setup, Pixel Tracking & Custom Conversions.
✓ Lead Generation, Dynamic Ads for E-Commerce Websites.
✓ Retargeting ADS to maximize your ROI
✓ Campaign Optimization
✓ Re-marketing activities for reaching the users who have previously visited the website.
✓ Campaign Optimization & Reporting
✓ Growing business from 0 to Hero level.
✓ Full-Time Instagram & FB ads campaign.
✓ 24/7 management for ads.
✓ Social media management for full time etc etc.

Feel free to write anything regarding to facebook ads campaign and insta marketing.

Discuss your objectives with me. Let’s grow your business together like others.

Working closely with you, I will take care of:

Strategy:  I create your campaign strategy to attract your ideal clients and get them to your desired action. 

Landing Pages Review – I review your lading page and thank you page and give you detailed feedback to make sure they are optimized for conversion and Facebook’s critical eyes.

FB ads copy – I will write the copy for your ads. If you already have ads copy I will review it for you, and possibly change it. Put simply, I know what works and what doesn’t.

FB ads approval – I make sure your ads are approved by Facebook.

Image Design: I will select and design attractive images for your ads, and we will test a set of 3 – 6 images to check what works.

Pixel installation: I will help you (or do it for you if you need) place the right tracking pixels on the right pages, so we can track your results and retarget your visitors.

You will also receive a Pixel reference document with your unique tracking pixels and installation instructions, so you always have them handy for future ads.

Laser sharp targeting: I will perform a thorough research of your target market to identify who they are, where they are and what they are most likely to respond to. So you get the right leads. This is also great market research. You will have useful data that you can use over and over for future campaigns.

Campaign and ad setup: I will create and set up your ads in Facebook, including a number of different ad sets to optimize your campaign (so you pay less for leads).

Your campaign may include a number of different ads to a cold audience, a custom audience, a lookalike audience, and re-targeting ads. It’s all included.

Daily monitoring: I will constantly monitor your ads, interpret Facebook data and if needed, I will tweak your ads for better performance.

I will also switch off what’s not working and optimize what is working, so that you will get more leads for less money.

Reporting: In our Google shared Folder you will have instant access to your results, which I update often, so you can keep track of your ads performance.

Communication: We will discuss your ads performance after the first 72 hours.

I communicate with you often throughout your campaign to keep you informed and ensure your total peace of mind. If you have any questions at any time, you can easily reach me by email.

Data and market insights: Once we launch your campaign, we will have lots of data and insights into your target audience that you can use for future campaigns: what they respond to, what they don’t, how much you can expect to pay for ads in your industry, and so on.

Recommended budget: I recommend to start with a budget of at least $250 per campaign. This allows enough budget to test different audiences, design and copy, and find out exactly where your target market is and what they respond best to, so you can get the best results.

If you’re interested in using Facebook to increase your sales and grow your business, get in touch.

I only work with clients who are ready for Facebook ads success. I’ll be able to advise you if that’s your case, and provide recommendations if it’s not, so you can get started as soon as possible. 

Types of Promotion Facebook ads campaign

  • Full business manager setup and integration.
  • Generate Page Likes
  • Boost your post
  • Brand Awareness
  • App Installation
  • Increase Conversion Rates
  • Traffic Diversion
  • Messenger Ads, Offer Ads, Video Ads, Lead Ads
  • Event Response Ads
  • Re-targeting, Look-Alike Audience
  • Monitor & Analysis
  • Multi-Product Ads (Carousel Ads)

Facebook ads are the fastest way to improve your click-through rates, quality scores, and most importantly, put more money in your pocket.

Your total peace of mind

How great would you feel knowing your campaign is in the hands of a qualified digital marketer with 5+ years hands-on experience.

I’ve done all the hard work for you. I’m constantly learning, testing, and perfecting my skills, so you can finally get the best possible results.

Working with me as your Facebook ads manager, you can easily fill your funnels with quality leads, triple your website traffic, grow your online community and increase your revenue.

With me on your side, you’ll have more time to focus on what you love and do best!


Facebook Ads Proof

Ad spends $13,761. Revenue $76,122. ROAS 5.53X

Ad spends INR 131,906. Revenue INR 1,565,286. ROAS 11.87X

Ad spends INR 150,804. Revenue INR 4,458,191. ROAS 29.56X

Ad spends $30,486. Revenue $158,640. ROAS 5.20X

Ad spends $2,589. Revenue $24,187. ROAS 9.34X

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Facts & Questions

Everything you need to know about our Facebook Advertising services.

I don’t have a Facebook ads manager account. Do I need one?

Yes, you need to have an account. If you don't have, don't be worry, I'll help you to create the account

What you need to start the task from me?

You need to invite me to your Facebook business as admin and instructions for that will be given in order requirements along with a working billing method (Credit/Debit Card Etc.) So that I process the Ads for you and share the preview link.

Does it includes Instagram?

Yes it includes Instagram marketing.

Do you work on monthly base too?

Yes, I work on a monthly base too and in this, I will publish your unlimited ads + weekly reports of ads + practically show you progress through team-viewer.

Do you also teach about Facebook ads ?

Yes, I also teach how to create an effective Facebook campaign and how to find a targeted audience, creating multiple assets, a lookalike audience, retargeting, etc In short from basic to advance For learning we will do zoom pr TeamViewer meeting.

Do you create banner for the ads?

Yes, this service free for you. If your photos are not up to standard for ads, We can create some banner that will work well as an ads.

Do you Guarantee Sales and Leads for all?

No, Actually sales depends on your product quality/Service and store design also product price. My goal is to drive targeted audience to your store.With the right strategy and targeted audiences you will see results but it comes down to multiple marketing factors such as landing page, website, services/products & other marketing variables.

Is there any niche you won’t work with?

ANYTHING that violates the Facebook Ad Policy. I have the right to refuse your niche if I don't feel comfortable working in that niche.

How much does it cost to get clients from Google Ads?

Have you checked this out? It lays out how the service works. Estimated total monthly cost: Our fee (request a proposal). Google Ads fee: It depends on the competition. But most law firms can get started for $10-$15 max daily spend. So, that means you could spend $300 to $450 per month. But realistically, you’d want to spend about $1000 per month on Google ads to really bring in the bacon. Remember, you only pay for clicks. You don’t pay when people see your ad but don’t click on it. We have a family law firm that’s paying about $1000 per month on ad spend right now 80% of her new clients are coming from Google Ads Less than 10% from referrals I encourage most clients to start with $10-$15 max daily spend Then we adjust the budget once we get more data from Google Essentially, Google will provide recommendations on an ideal budget, once the campaign is live. Some days will cost more than others So Google might encourage a high max daily spend This ensures your ad keeps showing, even though it gets many clicks on that day If you have a low max daily spend, your ad could stop showing after it gets a few clicks This means you’re missing out on potential leads on busy days. But on some days, the demand might be low. That means less clicks, and less cost.

Should law firms pay for law firm marketing services?

Benefits Include: ⟶ Increase leads from organic Google search ⟶ Receive carefully tailored law firm marketing services from an agency that’s owned and operated by a law graduate ⟶ Invest in long-term business growth. The effort you put in now will continue to pay off in the future. ⟶ Work with an agency that can handle all your ‘internet and marketing stuff’ (e.g. website, SEO, other online marketing activities, branding, etc). Why’s this great? You’ll avoid the confusion of dealing with multiple agencies. This saves time, money, energy and other valuable resources. ⟶ Save money by not hiring extra staff to handle it ⟶ Avoid the time, stress and energy that it takes to learn how to do it yourself ⟶ Spend more time working on the things that you’re already good at ⟶ Remain competitive in a growing digital marketplace ⟶ Attract more clients to YOUR business and LESS to the competition ⟶ Work with a small (but powerful) agency that only accepts a small number of high-quality clients. This means you’ll get our attention.

Can your websites accept online bookings?

Yes, Off Course.

Can your websites accept online payments?

Yes. There are plenty on options available. For example, RapidPay. We can add a ‘pay now’ button which allows clients to make online payments.

How will you transfer/migrate our new website?

Was your website built on WordPress? If so, we’ll use a plugin that ‘clones’ your website. Then we’ll re-design it. This saves us a load of time. e.g. your blog articles and site structure don’t have to be re-added or uploaded again. If your website was built on a different CMS, our web developer will ensure a smooth and easy migration. Most websites will not go offline during migration and launch. If your website needs to go offline during launch, it’s usually very brief (a minute or so).

How do we know if our website is performing well?

You can request reports from our team. This includes information on contact form submissions, where your audience is coming from, traffic and user-behaviour. Additionally, all of your traffic and lead data can be viewed on-demand by logging into your website.

Will our Google Maps listing be affected?

It will probably improve. Especially if you hire our SEO services. Site visitors will be directed to your new website. All existing links to your domain will go to your new website.

What kind of results my clients get from working with me.

"If you’re thinking about working with Rokon, I’m EXCITED for you.

For years I’ve been trying to get my passion ‘hobby’ into a thriving business and have been through more ad ‘experts' than I’d like to admit, never getting the results I hoped for. That was until I met Rokon from Devsbrainteam.

For the first time ever I felt I had a partner who was just as passionate about my business succeeding as I was. He is incredibly strategic, very effective with budgets and loves his numbers!

Plus, he is lovely to work with. After just two campaigns together, I’m now doing consistent 5 figure launches and my passion hobby has become a business. We just completed another launch and Rokon was getting leads in at AS$0.98 to my free challenge and surpassed my 1000 registrations target.

I’ve never seen results like this and for the first time ever I can say ‘I LOVE FACEBOOK ADS! Thank you so much Rokon and I can’t wait for our next campaign."
haron Selby
Founder of Deliciously Allergy Free
"I was looking to expand my client membership numbers. I have run 2 campaigns with Rokon at Fab Marketing and in this time my client numbers have increased by 50% and my conversion rate on my trial offer is currently sitting at over 90%!!! By targeting the right audience and getting my ads seen by the right people it has made all the difference in increasing my client base. Rokon helped me to build the right target audience and went above and beyond to make my campaign a success. I would recommend Rokon to anyone who is looking for a personalised service and someone who will work hard to get you results."
Kellie Socratous
Intrepidus Strength & Conditioning

"I hadn't done Facabook ads before and wanted some expert help to build my list. With Rokon's help I got a lot of opt-ins for

Liz Hancock

Liz Hancock

"I wanted to try Facebook advertising to grow my email list.  Rokon helped me with not only my Facebook ads, but many other important facets

Kelly Smith

Kelly Smith

"Rokon has managed our Facebook ads campaign . We had to ask him to stop the ads mid-campaign, because we had so many people coming

Grace Lazzeri

Grace Lazzeri

With Rokon's help we were able to get 1000 Facebook likes in our first week.  We experienced lots of traffic to our website and a

Zac Jones

Zac Jones

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