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DevsBrianTeam completed over 415 web projects of 278 clients at various marketplaces.Leading Wordpress website & Customization, Any custom website, Ecommerce solution, Shopify Store, Woocommerce website, Landing page, Email template design, Mailchimp automation, Sign-up/Pop-up/Gravity Form Specialist Freelance TEAM.

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Responsive Email Template Design

Targeted Newsletter Design

Your email list one of your most valuable business assets. It’s essential to building a close relationship with your audience. We can help you design and implement automation emails, welcome emails, and supportive monthly campaigns that engage and convert subscribers, as well as drive traffic to your website.


✓ Increase open rates, generate traffic, and increase conversions
✓ Build automated emails that make you money while you sleep
✓ Build credibility and connect with your audience directly
✓ Create targeted and personalized content for subscribers
✓ Beautiful email campaigns that keep your brand top of mind

How do you know if you need Mailchimp Expert help or not?

Email marketing is one of the most effective and powerful forms of marketing today. It’s quick and easy to implement, offers immediate and highly measurable results, enables advanced segmentation and personalization, and delivers a high return on investment.

To setup woocommerce mailchimp automation?

To create and design responsive mailchimp email template?

To connect your newsletter form with Mailchimp?

To generate leads and execute sales funnel?

You need an email template that is customized to your specific brand and your specific needs.

You want to hire someone to handle everything about your email communications.

Our Services

➽ Woocommerce Automation
➽ Shopify Automation
➽ Mailchimp account setup
➽ Responsive custom editable email template design
➽ Email Audience list import
➽ Email Campaign Setup
➽ Send email template to Audience List people
➽ Subscriber Get Confirmation Mail
➽ Subscriber Get “Thank you for Subscribing” Email Template
➽ Survey form where they get idea of your service
➽ Product Retargeting
➽ Customer get your best selling product email template
➽ Royel customer offer
➽ Mailchimp POP Up / SignUp Form to Collect & Export Emails
➽ Landing / optin / sales / thank you page
➽ Order notification and confirmation mail
➽ Promo code for order notifications
➽ Order status tracking report & email
➽ Product targeting newsletter

Our Work

Our Professional Email design Services

Our dedicated team of professional designers go above and beyond to deliver your content to your target market. We offer services which helps your business to deliver your intended message in a go. Of course, you don’t want your email to move into trash folder. Our designer makes sure to use the creative and strategic resources which helps in achieving the professional emails to communicate your email with your customers so that they can feel eager to take an action. Our team works with you to understand your overall objective and then custom tailor the design that meet your business requirements

Mailchimp Subscriber Automations

1st day Subscriber will get a “Confirmation m-ail” after subscribe
2nd Day “Thanks For Subscribing” – Email template will go
5th day they will get a “survey form” – E mail to get idea of your service price/ variations
7th day they will get a “Product Targeting” email template with 50% discount
10th day “Product Retargeting ” email template will go with 80% discount for 1st purchase along with the “clicked emails”
15th day “Product Suggestions” email template will go with some popular & best seller products
Special day “Offer Best Customers” email template will go for loyal customers (with 25% discount for all products)
For $10K+ one time purchase – “Bulk Purchase Offers” – return back – 20% money!
For “Royals Customer Offers” – If lifetime 30K purchased – get royal discount always – with any products.

Lead Collect & Possible Action

Are you planning to expand your business by reaching out to your customers online? An eCommerce website would be the best option to enhance your customer base and increase your sales. 

Type Of Form For Leads Collect

All Social Media Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin Cover or Banner Design

➽ Login Registration Form
➽ Online Quiz/Survey form
➽ Event Subscribe form
➽ Lead Collecting form
➽ Gravity perks & PDF
➽ Product Purchase Form
➽ Ecommerce Checkout Form
➽ WooCommerce Pricing Form
➽ Paypal Checkout Form
➽ Contact Us Form
➽ Course/Admission Form
➽ Pop up Form
➽ Calculation Form
➽ Gravity Form & Perks
➽ Conditional Form

Possible Action After Form Submission:

All Social Media Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin Cover or Banner Design

➽ Subscriber Confirmation
➽ Redirect to custom URL
➽ Form input preview & Edit
➽ PDF Download & Customize
➽ Pop up payment confirmation
➽ Save entry to database
➽ Quiz Result/Grad/Pass Fail
➽ Lead collect at mailchimp list
➽ Autoresponder mail
➽ Survey/Poll Result Show
➽ Email Signature Add
➽ Ajax Page Refresh
➽ Email Signature add
➽ WooCommerce Notification

Mailchimp Woocommerce Automations

Mailchimp automation 1: Subscriber Pop up form When subscriber visit a store a subscriber popup form that converts website visitors to subscribers
➽ Mailchimp automation 2:  Subscriber Confirmation E-mail
After subscription Subsciber will get a “Confirmation em-ail” thanking him
Mailchimp automation 3: Subscriber Choice Survey
mailchimp created product choise survey form will get his preferances
Mailchimp automation 4: Product targeting E-mail
according to the choice mailchimp will send Email reminder to people about the cool stuff they saw on your website.
Mailchimp automation 5: order notification thanking email
by This E mail, Say thanks with some kind, heartfelt words (or kind, heartfelt GIFs) when someone makes their first purchase.
Mailchimp automation 6: order confirmation email
When a customer purchase a product an order confirmation email notification with confirming him the purchase.
Mailchimp automation 7: order invoice email
after each purchase order invoice email with confirm the order details, price & product details
Mailchimp automation 8: abandoned Cart E-mail reminder
Send a friendly e mail reminder to people who leave your store without checking out and cart left abandoned.

Email Template Design & Development

We design and build beautiful and highly functional responsive email templates which deliver a seamless experience on any device and can be adapted for use on any email platform. A library of template modules gives you the flexibility to tailor your campaigns to fit any type of content.

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