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How much does it cost to get clients from Google Ads?

Have you checked this out? It lays out how the service works. Estimated total monthly cost: Our fee (request a proposal). Google Ads fee: It depends on the competition. But most law firms can get started for $10-$15 max daily spend. So, that means you could spend $300 to $450 per month. But realistically, you’d […]

Should law firms pay for law firm marketing services?

Benefits Include: ⟶ Increase leads from organic Google search ⟶ Receive carefully tailored law firm marketing services from an agency that’s owned and operated by a law graduate ⟶ Invest in long-term business growth. The effort you put in now will continue to pay off in the future. ⟶ Work with an agency that can […]

How will you transfer/migrate our new website?

Was your website built on WordPress? If so, we’ll use a plugin that ‘clones’ your website. Then we’ll re-design it. This saves us a load of time. e.g. your blog articles and site structure don’t have to be re-added or uploaded again. If your website was built on a different CMS, our web developer will […]

How do we know if our website is performing well?

You can request reports from our team. This includes information on contact form submissions, where your audience is coming from, traffic and user-behaviour. Additionally, all of your traffic and lead data can be viewed on-demand by logging into your website.

Will our Google Maps listing be affected?

It will probably improve. Especially if you hire our SEO services. Site visitors will be directed to your new website. All existing links to your domain will go to your new website.

Will our current Google ranking be affected once you launch our new site?

Your ranking will most likely IMPROVE. Most of our clients receive a boost in their ranking shortly after site migration. What does site migration involve? Well, it’s a bit complicated. We’ll spare you the technical mumbo jumbo. Essentially – DevsBrainTeam will upload your new website. We’ll also redirect your domain to your new website. All […]