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How much does it cost to get clients from Google Ads?

Have you checked this out?
It lays out how the service works.
Estimated total monthly cost:
Our fee (request a proposal).
Google Ads fee: It depends on the competition. But most law firms can get started for $10-$15 max daily spend. So, that means you could spend $300 to $450 per month. But realistically, you’d want to spend about $1000 per month on Google ads to really bring in the bacon. Remember, you only pay for clicks. You don’t pay when people see your ad but don’t click on it.
We have a family law firm that’s paying about $1000 per month on ad spend right now
80% of her new clients are coming from Google Ads
Less than 10% from referrals
I encourage most clients to start with $10-$15 max daily spend
Then we adjust the budget once we get more data from Google
Essentially, Google will provide recommendations on an ideal budget, once the campaign is live.
Some days will cost more than others
So Google might encourage a high max daily spend
This ensures your ad keeps showing, even though it gets many clicks on that day
If you have a low max daily spend, your ad could stop showing after it gets a few clicks
This means you’re missing out on potential leads on busy days.
But on some days, the demand might be low. That means less clicks, and less cost.

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