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    High Converting Landing Page Design

    We’re a team of non-cynics who truly care for our work and for each other.

    Newsletter For Lead Collect

    We’re a team of non-cynics who truly care for our work and for each other.

    Thank You Page & Increase Sells

    We’re a team of non-cynics who truly care for our work and for each other.


    Ecommerce Sales Funnel That Generate Leads & Sales

    Every 5 out of your 10 customer will buy or will accept an order bump if you provide them with a proper offer. if you are running a ecommerce store in 2020 then you should must have to set order bump.

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    Sales Funnel

    Why You Need Sales Funnel

    You are doing affiliate or CPA marketing a lot but the only reason you are not getting sales even after having a lot of traffic is because of the sales funnel.If you don’t work with sales funnel,then you will just waste your time and money but you will not get sell.

    Suppose you joined a marketplace. Then you took an offer there, maybe you will work with a fridge. Now you got an affiliate link from this offer.If anyone buys your product from this affiliate link then you will get a commission.For this you have to bring traffic.

    For example, to bring traffic, You did paid marketing + free marketing.

    You got 5000 traffic by spending 200 dollars in paid marketing

    ➧ You got 1000 traffic by free marketing

    Total Traffic you get 6000

    Now you have sent this 6000 traffic to the direct affiliate link & they saw an offer and clicked on your link and go to the page. But the customer went to that offer and saw that it was a paid offer then he would skip and leave. Now a few days later that customer thought I saw a good product a few days ago and now the customer do a little online searching. Then at the end he bought the product again from the offer page in different link. But now you will not get the commission.

    Because he didn’t buy it when you brought him. In this case, You have loss. You introduced the customer to the product, but it gained another person. When this customer entered my affiliate link because this product was in demand for him. Instant he didn’t buy it, maybe he didn’t have money or some other problem. So if you could send him the promotion of those products from time to time, you would get a sale from him. That’s why we need a sales funnel.

    High Converting

    Landing Page The Main Important Part Of The Sales Funnel

    Now the main important part of the landing page design. The landing page will have all the information of the product. So the traffic that will come first to my landing page & this time the customer is not going directly to the affiliate link, he is coming directly to my landing page.Here you can collect his email address through the newsletter which will serve as your lead later. The email address is being saved in your database and redirected from there and customer sending to the Thank You page.That thank you is being redirected from the page and leaving with an affiliate link.

    Those who are very interested in this product only they are buying the product. Now the customer went to the link of the product but he did not buy the product. In this case, the loss is not going. For you, it is gaining.

    Because customers submitted their e-mail address which will serve as your lead later. This way when a lot of emails will be collected in your database. Then next time when you do marketing you don’t have to do paid campaigns anymore. Next you will do marketing with all the information of your product in their direct’s called email marketing.

    Always remember, only those interested buyers go to buy the product by taking a few steps all the time. Whom you will send directly to your affiliate link. 90% of these clients do not buy the product. This is why the product is not sold.

    Optimization & Ranking Your Landing Page

    You have to do the SEO of the landing page. So that it stays on top google search. Suppose you are working with the product of the landing page, if someone does a Google search for that product, then your landing page should be at the top. Then you will get huge traffic. This way also you can get his email and send him to the product page. And his email is working as a lead in the future.

    If you get 50,000 emails to do marketing in this way, then you don’t have to do paid marketing anymore. That means you don’t have to bring traffic to different places with dollars. You will be able to send them emails later at different times with email marketing.

    This way you get a lot of sells.This whole process is called sales funnel.

    High Converting


    Professional Responsive landing page Design or One page Landing or Squeeze page

    High converting Sales page / Sales funnel,Membership funnel,Webinar funnel

    Products / events / services landing page

    App, Game, Affiliate Landing Page

    CPA / Clickbank / Leadpages landing page

    Payment gateway integration (PayPal, Stripe)

    Thank you Page / Download Page

    Login / Registration Form

    Optin Form / SignUp Form / Popup Form

    Email Newsletter Template

    Mailchimp integration

    Mailchimp list import & campaign create

    Send email template to list people

    Order notification and confirmation mail

    Setup your hosting and domain

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