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Google My Business (GMB) Local SEO

What Is Google My Business & Why Invest In It?


Google My Business Management Services

Google My Business has exploded in recent years to become one of the most high performing, powerful tools in SEO. Make the most out of your Google listing with the help of a GMB expert.

Command attention and get noticed

Command attention and get noticed

Google My Business is the simplest, most powerful way to manage your local presence on Google. With a few easy clicks, you can get found by customers searching for your business address or phone number. The basic elements of a good listing are the building blocks for your ability to rank high in search results.

Build a strong profile

Build a strong profile

It is important to use and strategically manage each feature of Google My Business in order to get your business an edge on the competition. Utilizing all features that google offers your business, as well as staying up-to-date with their upkeep (for example offering monthly photo updates) are the leverage you need for success.

Connect with customers

Connect with customers

Are you looking for an easy way to increase your visibility online and attract new customers? You need our go-to experts in GMB management services. Our clients get their Google My Business listings optimized for higher search engine rankings, improved customer engagement, increased revenue for their business—all through personalized consultation and our innovative approach to country wide outreach.

What Is Google My Business & Why Invest In It?

Google My Business (GMB) listings are the ‘Business Snapshot’ that Google generates and displays alongside Google search results, when people keyword-search a business name.

GMB’s are one of Google’s main products that business owners very often overlook as being an opportunity for driving quality traffic to their businesses and websites organically (ie free of charge) and, because GMB’s are linked in to other popular search-related products such as Google Images and Google Maps, a professionally managed GMB can be a main driver in connecting people to your business and website.

Investing in our GMB Program helps build a fantastic profile for your business in the Google database, to maximise EVERY opportunity of Google sending free traffic and leads your way.


Benefits Of Our Google My Business Program:

Having your business correctly set up in the Google database with a verified, compliant and well managed Google My Business (GMB) account can result in Google directing traffic and leads to your business and website, free of charge, when people in your local area keyword-search the products and services you offer – No AdWords budgets, no Keyword Research, no disappearing off Google’s 1st page because your daily budget is gone!

Get in touch and let’s see how we can help boost your Google presence and increase free traffic to your business and website today!

Managed Google My Business For Yarra Valley Pet Resort:

Managed Google My Business For Yarra Valley Pet Resort:

Managed Google Images - Regular Uploads, Keyword Optimised:

Managed Google Promos - Regular Fortnightly Posts:

Google My Business Local Ranking Factor

Google My Business listings are designed to help business owners promote products and services. They also allow you to update your company’s information, such as phone number or contact email address, with the click of a button! With Google My Business management, it is easy to request reviews from happy customers that have visited your online business or establishment in person. These reviews not only build trust among potential customers but increase conversion rates by 138%. We want this level of success for your business. We are a relationship business. Let’s build relationships together.

Do you want to promote your business?

You’ve come to the right place! Promoting your business is easy with our Google My Business Management Packages. It’s a service that lets you create and manage a local listing for your company on Google Maps, which in turn helps people find and connect with you online. We Manage everything from simple time changes to more advanced features like review generation, photos, videos, and offers. And it all starts with Booking a Consultation an today!

With our help, you can show up in search results when people are looking for businesses like yours. We Research & Create high-quality content that’s valuable to users so they know what makes your company special. We help you Build a strong presence online by using keywords that will rank well for searches related to your industry or niche market – these terms help us understand the context of each page we index so we can better serve searchers who land on them.

We get content from your clients to post on your GMB listings so you can be a rockstar.

Good news friends! It’s Simple to Win the Local Search Game.

Just Verify Every locations in Google My Business

Make sure accurately fill in your profile (only 22 fields)

Update the live inventory (where applicable)

Restore consistent information across directories like Apple Maps, Bing, Trip Advisor, and more

Make once per week posts on GMB - template CTA's are established for "learn more," "order online," "get offer," and more

Fill your profile with current, applicable photos of your location, product, service, clients, and staff

Respond to reviews organizes and automates all your local Home Service optimization tasks

Let's talk FAQ’s And Google my business.

Google uses frequently asked questions to insert itself into the conversation, And the more people are talking about you the more Google will invite people to the conversation.

The content of your customers is being built out right on your GMB listing.

You as a business owner want to control and monitor this conversation.

Most business owners don’t even realize you can ask and answer questions right on the Google my business listing.

You can take all the best questions and answers and post them right on your website.

“Do you have XYZ for sale?” And a customer responded no they don't have it and they are out of stock.

How many customers did you lose because of a non-informed review or question answers?

Is your business responding to questions and answers and Reviews?

Does the owner of your Google my business listing ever respond?

Does your GMB listing say answered by the owner? You must show power and authority. Upvote those questions and answers that take priority in your business.

Build up your Google my business knowledge base. Once customers pick up the phone and call you you’re on the same page. Do they know you’re open? Do they know you’re close? Do they know what products you have? Do they know what services they can buy?

Do you have a good user online experience? Do you preempt your customer’s needs and thoughts to give them the ultimate Buyer’s Journey?

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