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DevsBrianTeam completed over 415 web projects of 278 clients at various marketplaces.Leading Wordpress website & Customization, Any custom website, Ecommerce solution, Shopify Store, Woocommerce website, Landing page, Email template design, Mailchimp automation, Sign-up/Pop-up/Gravity Form Specialist Freelance TEAM.

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    General Web Services

    Landing Page

    Landing Page

    Full Website

    LMS/ Travel/ Restaurant/ Blog/ Ecommerce

    Facebook Pixel

    Chat bot/ tidlo/ twak

    Gravity Form

    Theme Customization / Full Website

    Woocommerce & Product Templates

    Advanced Web Services

    Yoast seo optimize & keyword

    Speed optimize a google page speed

    Security & hacking vulnerability

    clone/ backup & migration wp site to site

    Sales Funnel with payment – pricing table

    SEO Sitemap

    WooCommerce dynamic price

    Billing/ Payment/ Product calculate form

    Plugin Customize & Payment gateway

    change your view of SEO

    Get Your Own Online Store SHOPIFY

    There will be over 2 billion people shopping online in 2020.That’s over 25% of the world’s population buying online next year.Meanwhile… More & more people are starting successful Shopify stores every single day

    Shopify Store Creation

    SHOPIFY (store create & optimize & features adding)

    To give you everything that you need to build a successful, highly profitable Shopify eCommerce brand.

    Shopify Store Design

    Shopify Theme Customize

    Shopify SpeedUp

    Seo of shopify products

    Bug fix shopify store

    Backup & rewards for shopify

    Product pixel & pixel for woocommerce

    Product warrenty – subscription configure

    Add Product Type, Vendor, Collection, Tags

    Product Upload, Pricing, Inventory, SKU, Variants

    Launch Your First Product(as vendor/ Store Owner)

    Launch Your First Product(as vendor/ Store Owner)

    Product SEO meta title/ description/ meta keywords set up

    Shopify Product search/ popular/ best seller/ eid collection

    Home Page & Catalog & Collection Page Design

    Product Inventory, SKU, Sold out, Incoming, quantity threshold

    Shopify Theme Customisation, Navigation, menu setup

    Store Header & Footer Set Up (social media/ newsletter/ news)

    Shopify Page Set Up & blog/news publish

    Shopify digital & physical products & shipping

    Woocommerce Feature

    Increase Your Sales Value
    With Up Sale / Cross Sale / Discount Barr

    Up Sale

    Woocommerce Upsell pop-up appears after customers click on the Adds to cart button, suggest customers buy up-sell products which give you more profit.

    Cross Sale

    Display cross-sell pop-up in the single product page, cart page, check-out page. Suggest customers buy a bundle product that has a lower price.

    Discount Bar

    Displays how much need to spend to get a discount.  Stimulate customers to buy more products.

    Onsite Optimization

    We help improve website content so visitors clearly understand how it relates to their search

    Keyword Research

    We select themed keywords based on user-intent to solidify rankings based on what users searches

    Link Building

    We help improve website content so visitors clearly understand how it relates to their search

    Web & Landing Website Feature

    Some Special Web Features get with Landing (Others will not provide for free)


    Now-a-days most of the visitors use mobile phone to visit a website.That’s Why mobile and tab responsiveness (along with desktop & various sized mobile)is very important for a website.

    Responsiveness automatically resize, hide, shrink, or enlarge, a website, to make it look good on all devices.

    Speed Optimization

    Now everyone – is asking for – Website Speed Optimize 85% for your site(Google Page/ gTmetrix)

    I have WP rocket, Cloudflare, sweet performance Pro, W3 total cache, WP super cache, Smash Pro, Auto Autoptimize.

    So you can optimize your website speed by image optimize, cache clear, renderblock solve, css & js minification also Cloudflare cdn optimize.

    Google SEO

    I have premium yoast seo plugin(for google seo), which will help you – finding your site at google 1st page using a spesific keyword or multiple keywords, with meta tag, meta title/description & lesscompetitive location based keywords.

    Hacking Protection / Security

    NOW A DAYS – hacking Database is most common issue at a competitive market, I will add 7 premium tools to give your site sniffing security, ip block, multi user security, malware or firewell cleaning, daily site back up e mail, login security.

    Facebook Pixel

    98.7% website is using facebook pixel at their website, FB Pixel will track visitor’s fb profile and when a visitor visit your site – he will see your service’s ads during fb browsing.

    Lead Collection Form

    For landing signup/pop-up form is most common service and if you can get all the e-mails/ leads at an excel export – that will awesome – right? I will do this using mailchimp API integration.

    Payment Gateway

    If you have product to see – you may need payment gateway for paying of the products. I will integrate paypal, stripe, square, master card or any other payment gateway – for your site.

    Mailchimp Subscriber PopUp Forms

    When subscriber visit a store a subscriber popup form that converts website visitors to subscribers, then the subscribed email will go to mailchimp list and when emails are enouch collected – emails can exported at excel.

    Live Chat Bot / Facebook / WhatsApp / / ZendDesk Chat Bot

    Live chat bot Help sales, marketing, and support teams better communicate with customers & increase Customer Engagement, Customer Support, In-App Messaging, Targeted Emails

    Auto Backup / DataBase & Media Files Backup For Website

    Partial/ full back up of your cPanel hosting n DB & restore it when its hacked or crashed & Autobackup full website at cpanel

    Mega Menu & Vertical Menu With Dropdown Items

    Beautiful WordPress Mega Menu Layouts with fully responsive mega menu & Vertical Menu with dropdown items, rich in content modules

    Order Form / Payment / MultiStep / Quiz / SignUp Form

    – sales funnel

    – payment

    – thank you

    – pricing

    change your view of SEO

    Gravity Form

    Tell me what you visualize about custom Form I can Make.

    Types Of Form - We Can Create

    Restaurant Booking Form

    Login Registration Form

    Online Quiz / Survey form

    Event Subscribe Form

    Lead Collecting Form

    Gravity perks & PDF

    Product Purchase Form

    Ecommerce Checkout Form

    WooCommerce Pricing Form

    Paypal Checkout Form

    Contact Us Form

    Course/Admission Form

    Pop up Form

    Calculation Form

    Gravity Form & Perks

    Conditional Form

    Possible Action After Form Submission

    Admin Notification mail

    Subscriber Confirmation

    Redirect to custom URL

    Form input preview & Edit

    PDF Download & Customize

    Pop up payment confirmation

    Save entry to database

    Quiz Result/Grad/Pass Fail

    Lead collect at mailchimp list

    Autoresponder mail

    Survey/Poll Result Show

    Email Signature Add

    Ajax Page Refresh

    Email Signature add

    WooCoomerce Notification

    Responsive Pages & Modal

    Includes all the pages you need to kickstart your website


    Logo & Branding

    Graphic / Print Design

    Video Production



    Portfolio & Portfolio Details

    Join Our Team & Details



    Case Studies Details

    Team & Team Detail

    Blog Details


    404 page

    Search Result

    Request a Quote

    Under Construction

    Privacy Policy

    Terms and Conditions

    Email Marketing

    Email Marketing Feature
    (Template / Subscriber / Campaign / Automation)

    Email marketing is one of the most effective strategy Because some research shows that in United States 92% of adults use email, and 61% users of these emails are checking and sending there emails on every day.

    MailChimp Subscriber Automation

    Trigger- 01 (Confirmation Email)

    1st day Subsciber will get a “Confirmation mail” after subscribe

    Trigger- 02 (Subscribing Thanks)

    2nd Day – “Thanks For Subscibing” – E mail template will go

    Trigger- 03 (Survey Form)

    5th day they will get a “survey form” – E mail to get idea of your service price/ variations

    Trigger- 04 (Product Targetting)

    7th day they will get a “Product Targetting” email template with 50% discount

    Trigger- 05 (Product Re-targetting)

    10th day “Product Re-targetting” e mail template will go with 80% discount for 1st purchase along with the “clicked emails”

    Trigger- 06 (Product Suggesions)

    15th day “Product Suggesions” e mail template will go with some popular & best seller products

    Trigger- 07 (Offer Customers)

    Special day “Offer Best Customers” e mail template will go for loyal customers (with 25% discount for all products)

    Trigger- 08 (Purchase Offers)

    For $10K+ one time purchase – “Bulk Purchase Offers” – return back – 20% money!

    Trigger- 09 (Royals Customer)

    For “Royals Customer Offers” – If lifetime 30K purchased – get royal discount always – with any products.

    MailChimp Email Template / Campaign / Automation

    Step - 01

    Mailchimp is Number 1 – as this hit inbox directly

    Step - 02

    Say you have some products or service at your website

    Step - 03

    You can offer 50% discount for a limited time

    Step - 04

    For getting offer they need to subscribe by a popup/ signup form

    Step - 05

    When subscribed the e mail will go to mailchimp list

    Step - 06

    Then the subscribed e mail will go to mailchimp list

    Step - 07

    And You can use the e-mails for further marketing.

    MailChimp Subscriber POP-UP Form to Collect & Export

    Step - 01

    Email template – is a email service offering for a short period of time to sell products

    Step - 02

    Example: Create an email template what a special day like “Valentines Day”

    Step - 03

    You can create email template with offer of 50% discount for one week.

    Step - 04

    Target person will get e mail at inbox directly, and he can open the template, you can get a sell

    Step - 05

    mailchimp will give you a daily report on “No Of CLick”, “No Of Purchase” & some analytics

    Step - 06

    Say only 20% click the template, but don’t buy anything

    Step - 07

    Say next week another template is designed with 80% discount for only for 2 hours

    Step - 08

    Again you can target those persons with a segment – who clicked template previously

    Step - 09

    And definitely this time they will buy

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