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T This questionnaire is for new web design sales prospects.

– Rokon Haque


1. Describe your company in 1­2 sentences: ______________
2. Please list each service and/or all products you offer:_____________
3.How long have you been in business?____________
4. How many employees do you have?_​_________
5. Describe your target market:__________
6.Where is your target market located?__________
7. List any online competitors and their website address:______________
8. Why do people buy from you instead of your competitors? (​unique value propositions, price, your team, experience. etc)​___________


1. What is the primary purpose of your site? (​share information, leads, sales)_​___________
2. What is the secondary purpose of your site? ​(share information, leads, sales)_​_________
3. Describe any other goals for your website. ____________
4. What actions would you like a user to take when they visit your site (please list in order of importance)? ​ For example:

● Call you
● Fill out a contact form
● Fill out a quote form
● Sign up for your mailing list
● Search for information
● Purchase a product(s)

5. Will your new website sell products and accept payments? (If yes, please describe)________
6. Will your visitors have an option to login? (If yes, please describe)________
7. Are there any additional features or capabilities that you would like for your new site to have?_______
8. What elements of your existing site do you like, and what do you not like?_________


1.How many pages will your new website be?_______
2. Will you provide all content or would you like us to provide that service?______
3. Do you have someone that can help with content?_______
4. Do you have ownership of all images for the site, or will you require purchasing stock Photography?_________
5.Do you have videos you’d like incorporated into the site?________
6. Will you publish a blog on the site?________


1.Do you have brand guidelines, logo(s), and brand colors to incorporate into the site?_______
2. Please provide 3 examples of websites you like, and describe why:_________
3. What are three words that best portray your company’s image? ​(professional, polished, modern, fun, creative, simple, etc.)​___________


1.Have you performed SEO on an older or current version of your existing site?__________
2. Will you need SEO for this new site?_______
3. Please provide a few example key phrases you would like to target in search engines._______
4. Do you provide a local service to your city? (Local SEO)_______
5. Do you expect mobile visitors?_________


1.What social media channels does your company currently use?__________
2. What social media sites would your company like to start using in the future?________


1.What is your current domain or URL?___________
2. What platforms are you interested in using or do you have experience with? (​WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, etc…)​__________
3. Where is your current site hosted?________
4. Why do you use your current host?________


1.Will you need monthly maintenance and updates after launch?_________
2. What sections of the site that will need regular updating after launch?________
3. Do you use an email marketing service that you’d like integrated? ​(Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc.)​__________


1.Who will be the point person for this project, and who will provide approvals? Please provide their contact information.________
2. Please list the person who has final approval on all aspects of this project:_______
3. What is your ideal timeframe or launch date?_________

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