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The Ultimate Guide: Why SSL Certificate Important For Your Company Website

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    E very business has the potential to grow online. By using the connectivity and reach of the internet, they can target more customers and increase their overall business.

    But we often hear about incidents involving online identity theft, theft of account passwords, installation of spammy software and even ransomware on websites.

    All of these security breaches hurt the overall customer experience.

    To create a web presence that is both secure and trusted, an online business needs to install the SSL security certificate.

    What is SSL? And How it is vital for an Online Business Owner?

    SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is a small patch of code written on the web server that enables an encrypted connection. Especially in 2018, SSL certificates are essential for any business with an online presence. With the release of Chrome 68 version, Google has started marking all non-HTTPS pages as “not secure”. (Google blog: This is a big deal for business owners.

    Over 50% of all internet searches are being performed via the Google Chrome web browser. That is the reason the biggest search engine is aiming to make the internet a safer place with the SSL demand.

    SSL Certificates build trust between a user and a business

    If you already have an SSL certificate on your site, then no need to worry about it. However, if you haven’t heeded Google’s warnings about the need for SSL, the impact could be harmful.

    While browsing the website users will receive a notification of the site being insecure, which could cause them to choose another website other than yours. This can spiral into lost sales, lost ad impressions, loss of customers, lost clicks, a rise in bounce rate, and more.

    SSL certificates allow someone’s browser to bridge a secure connection to your server, ensuring that the information is securely transferred.

    SSL Websites Vs Not Secured Websites

    When a user puts information such as their names, addresses and credit card numbers to a website secured with an SSL Certificate, the browser validates its digital certificate before establishing an encrypted connection. This process protects information from outside viewing and protects user’s data from being stolen by hackers or other security breachers.

    With identity theft on the rise, information security is more critical than ever. SSL ensures you keep everyone’s information safe, which builds confidence in people who are visiting your site.

    How SSL Update Certification Help Your Business?

    While selling products or services online, especially in an E-commerce store, security is the wealthiest factor. For any online shopping website without protection, it is hard to trust because of credit card scams. And that is why e-commerce websites are making sure to install SSL Certificate on their server.

    E-Commerce transactions are also vulnerable to attacks. The main reason behind the importance of an SSL certificate to an e-commerce website is, this not only protects a site that manages the transaction, but this can also increase traffic and conversion rates as well.

    The only one visual indicator of trust that a customer can recognise is the green padlock symbol on the address bar near the domain name of any website. Whenever a customer logs into the site, he/she looks out for that green security symbol. When they notice this green HTTPS symbol, it automatically improves their trust on the site which further helps them to make fearless transactions.

    How can you check if your website is secure?

    Look at the URL of the website. If it begins with “https” instead of “HTTP”, it means the site is secured using an SSL Certificate. (The “s” simply stands for “secure”.)

    Check if your website has a green lock icon or not. The padlock icon — which is on the URL address bar at the top of your browser — is included on SSL secure websites.

    From March 1, 2018, all new SSL certificates issued are valid for a period no more significant than two years. After which, it will expire.

    Let’s Recap: Key Points to consider

    • SSL Certificates are mandatory in 2018.
    • Ignoring Google’s warnings could hurt your website, traffic and rankings.
    • Track the SSL’s expiration date and be sure to maintain a valid one.
    • Check the website thoroughly to make sure all images and assets are secure.

    But the main take away is this

    If your website doesn’t have the padlock symbol, connect with us. Let us help you pick the right SSL certificate for your online business.



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