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DevsBrianTeam completed over 415 web projects of 278 clients at various marketplaces.Leading Wordpress website & Customization, Any custom website, Ecommerce solution, Shopify Store, Woocommerce website, Landing page, Email template design, Mailchimp automation, Sign-up/Pop-up/Gravity Form Specialist Freelance TEAM.

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Social Media Marketing

I will be your
and content creator

We helped lots of businesses to level up their presence on social media. We craft highly engaging social media content, manage social media pages and manage ads campaign so you can be seen as a leader in your market.

Social Media Manager

■ Page Optimization of your accounts
■ Social media content planning & creating to achieve marketing targets
■ Design, create and manage Social ad campaigns

Facebook Ads Campaign

■ Create brand awareness
■ Drive traffic to your website
■ Facebook Ad campaigns help you sell out your products and services
■ Increase followers and your page engagement

Get Youtube Subscribe | View

■ Gain more subscribers to build channel reputation
■ Real and organic from active audience Engagement
■ Massively helps to video ranking

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Why do you need a Social Media Manager?


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Social Media Marketing
Manager ?

You Will Get Instagram / facebook/youtube/twitter follower, subscribers, likes, Video View

Youtube Views
Youtube Subscribers
Twitter Followers
Facebook Page Like
Facebook Photo Like
Instagram Followers
Youtube Video Like
✓ Youtube Video Comment
LinkedIn Followers

As a Professional Manager , I will :

  1. Create content: (Graphics & Captions). Posts match your brand’s look and help you achieve your marketing objectives. 
  2. Pages Setup and Optimization: Set up or enhance your existing pages for better SEO and visibility. 
  3. Hashtags Strategy: Professional tools to research hashtags and manually increase the reach of your business.
  4. Content Scheduling: We publish content to your pages at the best time of the day.
  5. Action Plan: We will create a plan of action to help you achieve your goal quickly.
  6. Marketing experts: Engagement, Community building & Develop Brand Awareness.


Page Optimization of your accounts

✓ Profiles Creations & Setups (Cover Image + Profile Image Optimization + About Section Improvement)

Social media content planning & creating to achieve marketing targets

✓ Managing social media channels

✓ Research your target audience and help you turn your followers into future buyers .

Content creation with high-quality images and branded with your logo or website URL

Promoting your services/products

Research of Trending Hashtags

Graphic design ( Photoshop, Illustrator )

Design, create and manage promotions and Social ad campaigns.

✓ Create and optimize all published content 


Scheduling relevant daily posts on all your accounts

Grow your Online Presence

Bring you more engagement.Organically increase your followers number and engage with them.

Instagram organic growth

✓ Increase fans, likes and followers across the major social media platforms (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn)

✓ Engaging Highly targeted audiences.

✓ Schedule posting with tools such as HootSuite, Tweepi. Crowdfire, Manageflitter, Buffer, Canvas, Brand24, Edgar, Bundlepost, Everypost, SocialOomph, Sprout Social, SecureMySocial, and Tweetdeck

A quick message from Rokon Haque

DevsBrainTeam is owned and operated by Rokon.

Hey there! Welcome to DevsBrainTeam! I’m Rokon Haque, a Digital Marketer, Facebook Ads Expert, Social Media Manager, Website Expert and the CEO of DevsBrainTeam.

I help e-commerce and service-based businesses double, triple, quadruple their leads and sales with highly effective strategies and advertising campaigns that will help you make money, grow your business and regain your sanity.

My team and I look forward to helping you!

Rokon Haque


Facebook Page Like & Photo Like
Youtube Views & Youtube Subscribers
Youtube Video Like & Comment
Twitter Followers
Instagram Followers & LinkedIn Followers
Virtual Assistant
choosing the correct audience
Page Optimization of your accounts
Engage with your targeted customers
Generate high-quality leads
Grow your brand
We also do Video Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Pay Per Click Advertising
Display Advertising
Daily posting of relevant content with high-quality image
weekly 6-8 Stories and video
we will Increase the account engagement
Attractive Designing Photos that will attract the customers

Have you tried Facebook advertising but haven't achieved great results?

Do you find Facebook ads difficult and confusing to master? You are not alone.

-> Facebook advertising can be highly effective when done right. But if you don’t know what you are doing, you could be wasting a lot of money.

-> Facebook targeting capabilities are second to none, and it’s truly amazing what can be achieved. 

-> I’ve spent a long time mastering Facebook ads. In fact, I keep learning and testing new elements every day, perfecting my skills to ensure I deliver the best results for my clients.

-> That’s why I can take the guesswork and frustrations out of Facebook ads and help you achieve the kind of results you’ve been wanting.

Facebook Ads Campaign Summary

✓ Landing Page analysis & Testing
✓ Setup Campaign Goals as per your business objective
✓ Target Audience Research & Competitor Research
✓ A/B testing across the campaigns
✓ Ads copies creation.
✓ Create Eye-catching and high-converting designs for your ads.
✓ Custom, interests, and lookalike audiences research and setup.
✓ Demographic audience setup
Pixel setup, Pixel Tracking & Custom Conversions.
✓ Lead Generation, Dynamic Ads for E-Commerce Websites.
✓ Retargeting ADS to maximize your ROI
✓ Campaign Optimization
✓ Re-marketing activities for reaching the users who have previously visited the website.
✓ Campaign Optimization & Reporting
✓ Growing business from 0 to Hero level.
✓ Full-Time Instagram & FB ads campaign.
✓ 24/7 management for ads.
✓ Social media management for full time etc etc.

Feel free to write anything regarding to facebook ads campaign and insta marketing.

Discuss your objectives with me. Let’s grow your business together like others.

Working closely with you, I will take care of:

Strategy:  I create your campaign strategy to attract your ideal clients and get them to your desired action. 

Landing Pages Review – I review your lading page and thank you page and give you detailed feedback to make sure they are optimized for conversion and Facebook’s critical eyes.

FB ads copy – I will write the copy for your ads. If you already have ads copy I will review it for you, and possibly change it. Put simply, I know what works and what doesn’t.

FB ads approval – I make sure your ads are approved by Facebook.

Image Design: I will select and design attractive images for your ads, and we will test a set of 3 – 6 images to check what works.

Pixel installation: I will help you (or do it for you if you need) place the right tracking pixels on the right pages, so we can track your results and retarget your visitors.

You will also receive a Pixel reference document with your unique tracking pixels and installation instructions, so you always have them handy for future ads.

Laser sharp targeting: I will perform a thorough research of your target market to identify who they are, where they are and what they are most likely to respond to. So you get the right leads. This is also great market research. You will have useful data that you can use over and over for future campaigns.

Campaign and ad setup: I will create and set up your ads in Facebook, including a number of different ad sets to optimize your campaign (so you pay less for leads).

Your campaign may include a number of different ads to a cold audience, a custom audience, a lookalike audience, and re-targeting ads. It’s all included.

Daily monitoring: I will constantly monitor your ads, interpret Facebook data and if needed, I will tweak your ads for better performance.

I will also switch off what’s not working and optimize what is working, so that you will get more leads for less money.

Reporting: In our Google shared Folder you will have instant access to your results, which I update often, so you can keep track of your ads performance.

Communication: We will discuss your ads performance after the first 72 hours.

I communicate with you often throughout your campaign to keep you informed and ensure your total peace of mind. If you have any questions at any time, you can easily reach me by email.

Data and market insights: Once we launch your campaign, we will have lots of data and insights into your target audience that you can use for future campaigns: what they respond to, what they don’t, how much you can expect to pay for ads in your industry, and so on.

Recommended budget: I recommend to start with a budget of at least $500 per campaign. This allows enough budget to test different audiences, design and copy, and find out exactly where your target market is and what they respond best to, so you can get the best results.

If you’re interested in using Facebook to increase your sales and grow your business, get in touch.

I only work with clients who are ready for Facebook ads success. I’ll be able to advise you if that’s your case, and provide recommendations if it’s not, so you can get started as soon as possible. 

High Converting Sales Funnel
Landing Page

High Converting Sales Funnel

Are you looking for Leads Generation, Sales Generation or Webinar high converting awesome landing page or sales funnel to Sell products or Collect Lead or Get Traffic !

Social Media Banner Design
Building your brand

Social Media Banner Design

First impression really counts: it takes just 3 seconds for new visitors to decide if they will stay on your website or not. And the reason is simple: beautiful websites are considered more reliable and trustworthy.

Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising can be very effective to:Create brand awareness, Drive traffic to your website, Generate leads, Sell products and services

Social Media Management

Heavy Equipment Social Media Manage
Social Media Manage & Banner Design

Heavy Equipment Social Media Manage

Amanda Ridas Branding & Marketing
Branding & Banner Design

Amanda Ridas Branding & Marketing

Commercial Real Estate Property Management
Brainding & Marketing

Commercial Real Estate Property Management

Facebook Page Manage & Likes Increase
Facebook Page Manage & Likes Increase

Facebook Page Manage & Likes Increase

Facebook Ads campaign setup, Likes Increase
Content Create & Ads Setup

Facebook Ads campaign setup, Likes Increase

Heavy Equipment Case Study Brochure
Graphics Design

Heavy Equipment Case Study Brochure

Gym Banner Design and Campaign
Social Media Marketing

Gym Banner Design and Campaign

Tasty Brand Guideline & Marketing
Social Media Content

Tasty Brand Guideline & Marketing

Riven Home Branding & Marketing
Branding & Marketing

Riven Home Branding & Marketing

Vandie Brand Identity & Management

Vandie Brand Identity & Management

Banner Design and Marketing

Banner Design and Marketing

HT Spa - Brand Identity Guidelines
Branding & Marketing

HT Spa - Brand Identity Guidelines

Real Estate Property Social Management
Social Media Management

Real Estate Property Social Management

Company Brand Identity Guideline
Branding & Marketing

Company Brand Identity Guideline

Linkedin Banner Design & Marketing
Banner Design & Marketing

Linkedin Banner Design & Marketing

Social Media Banner & Campaign Run
Banner Design & Marketing

Social Media Banner & Campaign Run

Social Media Banner Design & Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Social Media Banner Design & Marketing

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