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DevsBrianTeam completed over 415 web projects of 278 clients at various marketplaces.Leading Wordpress website & Customization, Any custom website, Ecommerce solution, Shopify Store, Woocommerce website, Landing page, Email template design, Mailchimp automation, Sign-up/Pop-up/Gravity Form Specialist Freelance TEAM.

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Are you want to attract your audience, boost your sales with a professional landing page design?

Whether you’re a buyer’s agent, listing agent, firm owner, or real estate marketer, you need a professional landing page optimized to convert your leads to buyers within a limited amount of time.

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    Landing Page Design

    Are you spending a lot of Dollars
    on Google/Facebook ads but not getting enough Conversions or Leads on your website?

    You are on a right place. We are providing High Converting Landing pages with professional & Engaging Design with multiple CTAs.

    According to different surveys, An attractive & clean Landing Page can increase 75% of your Sales.

    A landing page is a great way to attract your audience, generate traffic and convert this traffic into sales. Whether you’re a buyer’s agent, listing agent, firm owner, or real estate marketer, you need a professional landing page optimized to convert your leads to buyers within a limited amount of time.

    Landing Page Design

    Do You Want Your Landing Page
    To Look Like One Of THESE...?

    Landing pages are proven to be effective, so why not use it for your business? You can be sure that your competition is utilizing landing pages to their advantage.

    ->Are you struggling with a landing page design that will be focused to capture leads or close sales for your Business?

    -> Is your website failing to produce significant new leads and clients?

    ->  Are you want to attract your audience, drive traffic and convert this traffic into sales. 

    ->  Are you spend so much money on advertising to drive traffic but not getting enough Conversions or Leads on your website?

    ->  Trying to promote your business but not getting enough conversion on your website?

    ->  Are you looking for a modern and great looking real estate website or a landing page to generate leads for your real estate business or company? 

    ->  do you need to redesign or revamp your old website?

    Real Estate

    We have served more than 250+ clients and built more than 300+ landing pages and websites.That is the reason we have enough experience to build a great online presence for your business. We will be there to guide you on every aspect of your website you would like to know.

    Use Effective Landing Page Design Services For More Profits

    -> Did you know that the use of 10-15 landing pages can actually increase your leads by as much 55%? Take advantage of that by utilizing our landing page design services now.

    -> A well-designed landing page can be the determining factor as to whether you convert your traffic into customers.

    -> A bad landing page is one of the most common and frustrating mistakes you can make in any online venture. It’s a leaky bucket that costs you leads, money and even your SEO.

    -> Landing pages can make it easy for your audience to make a purchasing decision regarding your services and products. 

    -> Landing pages are designed to make your audience commit to specific actions. You want them to take actions such as purchasing a product, scheduling a call, signing up for your email list.

    -> An effective landing page does not only draw the attention of your audience, but it can also allow you to establish a connection and a contact with them. That can be done with a simple form that asks them for their contact details. We can help set that up for you.

    -> When site visitors see a good landing page with all of the information that they need, there is less chance that they will leave your site. They’ll likely to stay and click around to find out more.

    *** When visitors are finding what they are looking for on your site, that usually leads to a higher conversion rate, which leads to profit. As we mentioned, our landing pages are designed with your goal and call-to-action in mind; the ultimate aim of our landing pages is to increase your ROI.


    We can design nice landing pages that increase your conversion rate and maximize your revenue.

    build your business ...

    What is a real estate landing page?

    Who uses real estate landing pages?

    Why are landing pages so important for agents and brokers?

    8 Best Real Estate Landing Page Types

    Best practices for building high-converting real estate landing pages

    Understand the real estate buyer/seller journey

    Match the message and style of your original ad

    Nail the value proposition

    Write a single clear call-to-action on your custom landing page

    Use the subheadline to create a powerful one-two punch

    Use social proof (testimonials) to build trust

    Get More Leads from Your Real Estate Landing Pages:

    Drive more traffic with paid ads

    Add a Facebook Pixel to landing pages (and thank you pages)

    Ensure landing pages are responsive

    build your business ...

    Real Estate Business Landing Pages:


    Your landing page is one of the first things that potential customers will see.


    ☛Your Business Domain and a Professional Web Hosting, With Cpanel and WordPress Login access

    ☛Images or text contents what you want to show your website

    ☛Contact Info

    Please buy a Domain & Hosting From or Both of their support and service are best.

    No problem, you can just provide me a bit idea or direction of what type of landing page or website do you need and I will design the landing page or website.

    Yes, I am 24*7 days free to discuss just give me a text.

    Yes, This is possible to deliver Urgently.

    Of course. Just message me what you’re thinking of and what you want to achieve. I will definitely try to get what you need to be done.

    Yes, I provide on-page SEO services for your Investor Carrot Website.

    What Our Client Say

    “DevsBrainTeam was the BEST to work with! Their communication, clarity and leadership will help you quickly complete your project at a high level. Their patience is key when you have and idea of what you want, but need a professional to pull it all together. We look forward to working with DevsBrainTeam again and we highly recommend him.”
    Robert Wayne Johnson
    Fort Worth, Texas
    “We feel we are in great hands with Rokon. He customized a high quality website with requested good features and provided tech and security solutions for our site. He is dependable and achieves everything we ask. We are very happy..”
    Tommie M Smith
    Lafayette, Louisiana Area
    “It was an absolute pleasure to work with. DevsBrain provided both an outstanding quality of landing page and professional communication. I had a lot of back and forth communication with my site developer and Rokon and he was very patient and helpful during the entire process. I would HIGHLY recommend him for your landing page! I'm going to use him soon to create five other landing pages. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!”
    Houston, Texas Area
    Fantastic company to work with. The new site looks amazing. An online presence is a must anymore and DevsBrainTeam is making that happen for us.
    Marketing Manager
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