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DevsBrianTeam completed over 415 web projects of 278 clients at various marketplaces.Leading Wordpress website & Customization, Any custom website, Ecommerce solution, Shopify Store, Woocommerce website, Landing page, Email template design, Mailchimp automation, Sign-up/Pop-up/Gravity Form Specialist Freelance TEAM.

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Turn your visitors into customers with a powerful website that your audience emotionally connects with.


Van’s Kitchen makes millions of egg rolls every year, but people eat them one bite at a time. It’s their promise to their customers to make every bite the best one.

Web Design Process

Every website needs to attract visitors and help people understand the product or service and the company behind it. This can be done through using the right visuals, content, and interactions.

Goal Identification

In this stage, we gather requirements and work with the client to determine the goals of the new website.

Scope definition

Here we anticipate the scope of the project and determine the respective requirements and feasibility.

Wireframe creation

Once the scope of the project is clear, we dig into wireframing determining the content and features.

Content creation

This stage includes creating SEO-optimized content with relevance to the context and features of the website.

Visual Elements

Once the sitemap and content are in place, we begin working on the visual, keeping the brand guide in mind.


Once we have created the design and the interface, it is time to perform the website design testing.

You'll stand out online with a brand & website that connects with your health and wellness clients.

We strengthen the healthcare experience for OB/GYNs and the patients that rely on them.

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