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How to find a great host for your WordPress site

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    S hopping for a web host is a lot like walking down the cereal aisle at most grocery stores – there’s an overwhelming amount of options to choose from.

    If you have a WordPress website, the vast amount of choices can still be considered as there are only a handful of hosts that still don’t meet WordPress websites’ minimum requirements. But, while there are a lot of good hosts, chances are you are interested in only the great ones.

    When you find a great host for your WordPress site, all of the features you love about your website become that much better.

    Over the years, we’ve discovered some really great hosts for WordPress websites – we’ve also found the ones that are disappointingly just hype.

    Below you’ll find our list of what you need to look for in order to get matched with a great host.

    • Do they offer WordPress customer support?

      • Great customer support is nice, but excellent customer support that actually understands WordPress issues is even better. Find a host that delivers both so that your questions (and any potential problems) get addressed promptly.
    • How fast will your host load?

      • The speed of your website will without a doubt determine your website’s success. A slow host could be disastrous for your blossoming business so pay attention to load times. For reference, the average load time for web hosts is about 890ms. Finding one that is faster than the average, then, will ensure that your visitors are happy.
    • Does your host experience a lot of downtime?

      • Hosts that struggle with downtime can cause a lot of problems for your business or brand. To be sure you and your clients aren’t constantly receiving “this site is down” messages, find a host that has an uptime percentage above 99.9%. A host with disproportionate amounts of downtime can result in frustrations and major headaches for both your visitors and yourself.
    • Is there a dedicated server option?

      • While not all businesses need a dedicated server for their website, finding a host that offers it as an option will make transitioning from shared to dedicated easier if and when your business’s needs change. Dedicated servers load faster and are a great choice if you happen to have a lot of media on your site, including videos and other interactive features.
    • Is your host secure?

      • There are more people trying to hack into your website than you realize. And while it’s no fun to think about something like this happening, it’s even worse having it happen. Your host should do everything they can to make your website secure, monitoring it daily to see any issues that need to be addressed and, if it does get accessed, working quickly to keep information safe and your site running properly.
    • Does your host backup your content and information?

      • As anyone who works with technology understands, things happen. From lost data to unexpected crashes, making sure your work is backed up regularly is one of the only ways to keep catastrophes at bay. While not all host providers will offer this type of service, finding one who does can give you peace of mind, especially if you make regular updates or changes to your website and its codes.

    When you work with DevsBrainTeam , we include hosting with each of our WordPress website designs. Not only do we check all six of the boxes listed above, but we will answer any questions or concerns you have about host shopping. Our long list of happy clients can attest to our ability to offer quality hosting for WordPress sites your business needs.

    Still want to shop?

    We invite you to do your research to learn more about WordPress hosting and which options make the most sense for you.

    Just remember that, while choosing a host might not seem exciting, it really is a big deal. You need a host that can consistently perform at the top of the pack while simultaneously offering exceptional customer service, especially when handling WordPress related questions.

    Do you need help choosing a web host and setting up a WordPress website for your business? Get in touch so we can chat about your project.

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