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Google My Business (GMB) Local SEO

How To Effectively Posting on The GMB to Boost Your Local Biz

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    D  Do you have a google my business profile? Or do you run a local business? If yes, then this is the very helpful post that I’m going to share how can you post on your GMB that effectively help to boost your GMB.

    The Ultimate GMB Posting Guide

    Create quality content
    Must focus keywords.
    You can add “keyword + Near me” and “keyword + location”
    Collect the location names around 10 – 15 miles circling the main location and use those names with keywords “keyword + location”
    Use keyword as a title of the GMB post
    Don’t copy, try to create fresh content on the GMB
    Don’t add phone numbers to the GMB posts
    Add a button (call now or other)
    Add cid URL, related posts, and website URL on every post
    You can also add citations, and those links getting trouble get indexed
    Use real photos captured by your mobile
    Optimize the photos with geotagging and keywords renamed
    Don’t try to manipulate keywords, keep things natural
    Share the GMB posts on the Facebook page
    Post regular with consistency

     Follow these simple instructions to post on your or your client’s GMB. If you don’t have time, we are happy to manage your clients’ GMB though.

    We will create the content, optimize photos, and post on a regular basis to your client’s GMB.

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