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I am already running Google Ads campaign; can I use the same strategy for Facebook Ads?

Absolutely no! When you think that Facebook Advertising is simply like running ads on Google, then you’ve just set yourself up for failure. The two platforms are completely different, and it all comes down to the “purchase intent”.
Users searching Google for products and services usually have a very high “purchase intent”. While people browsing Facebook have a very low “purchase intent”. People usually don’t log into Facebook just because they want to buy something. And that is why we don’t approach Facebook advertising the same way as we do with Google Ads. Each platform is different and requires a completely different approach.
In the end, Facebook is a place to build trust and awareness around your products and services. People will not simply purchase from you unless they know who you are, have read reviews about you and your business and are confident to spend more money on your website; the good news is that Facebook will help you achieve all that.

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