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Dream Client Converting Website Homepage

Exactly what to put on your homepage to attract and book your dream clients!


This guide is for you if:

  • You’ve been suffering from a serious case of website shame & overwhelm

  • You’ve spent hours tweaking & updating your homepage, yet somehow you still feel like you’re getting nowhere!

  • You feel like there’s a brick wall between what’s in your head & what’s on your website

  • You’re not booking your dream clients & are starting to wonder if they even exist*

*Spoiler alert – Your dream clients are not mystical unicorns, they 1000% do exist!

Does all of this sound familiar?

Then the Anatomy of a Dream Client
Homepage Guide is for you!

Why hello there, I’m Rokon!

I’m here to help you ditch the overwhelm and transform your brand and website so you can stand out, build trust and book more of your no.1 dream clients!

As a designer, two of the things I get asked the most are: “what do I actually need to put on my website and where?” and “how can I find and book my dream clients?”

That’s why I’ve created this guide breaking down exactly what to put on your homepage so you can start to strategically connect with your dream clients from the moment they land on your website. YAS!!

Dream Client Website Homepage Guide

Learn exactly what to put on your homepage so you can stop wasting time and start booking those dream clients, stat!

**Grab the guide now! 👇**