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High Converting Modern Dental Website Design That Generate New Patients

Having a website is a part of introducing your business to impress potential patients, and grow your practice.We start by building a site that’s:

⟶ Increase conversions by 33%
⟶ Wow with a fresh dental website
⟶ Rank higher in Google searches
⟶ Convert more visitors into new patients

Mobile Responsive

With new devices coming out every day, it’s important to build responsive dental practice websites to fit different screen sizes. We make sure your website always looks good, no matter what device it’s on.

SEO Optimized

All our websites are built with Search Engine Optimization in mind. From meta tags to website loading speed, we make sure we follow Google’s best practices to get you rankings as high as possible.

7 Benefits of your investment:

We design a secure, professional, user-friendly, & responsive dental website & make your dental website with Appointment Management, Customer Management and integrate chat app to easily interact to your patients.

We don’t need to tell you how important your website is for your dental practice. We have built hundreds of websites and helped many clinics to grow and increase their bookings, to fill new chairs and even start new clinics.

Get 10X more Patient Visits

Allow Patients to Book Appointment Online & Checkout

Display your Portfolio & Services online

Get Local Search Engine Traffic

LIVE CHAT with your Patients

Display Appointment Form & Google Map

Sell your Products Online

How We Helped A Dentist Grow Her Practice With A New Website Design

Case Stury

A native New Yorker, Dr. Inna Chern is an experienced general dentist with offices in Midtown Manhattan, and Brooklyn. She provides patients with a unique relaxed, personalized, and small-town approach to dentistry in the heart of the city that never sleeps.


The patient capture process ..

Benefits Of Having a Great DENTAL WEBSITE

Your Website is Open 24/7- Patients can access your website anytime they want to learn about you and your practice and provides a better first impression.

You Can Measure Your ROI- Having a website gives you the ability to track your efforts and measure your return on investment.

Internet Marketing is Cheap compared to alternative forms of advertising, internet marketing is very affordable.

If You’re Not Online, You Can’t Be Found – If you don’t have a website, it will be difficult for internet users to find you and learn about your practice.

Increase Trust in Your Brand –Your website should be a virtual extension of your dental clinic. With the help of a good website, you can represent your practice in the best way possible and gain the trust of your patients.

✓ Website improves your search engine ranking and Boosts Revenue and increase your exposure.

✓ Website adds more value to your business and Establishes Consistent Brand Identity

✓ Website keeps the patients informed with all the latest updates about your services

✓ Helps Keep Up with Competitors

✓ Website saves a lot of money, hassle, and time compared to other marketing methods

Turn your dental
website into your #1 source of new patients

  • Wish you had a modern, beautiful website?
  • Embarrassed by your website’s mobile experience?
  • Tired of “renting” a website from your marketing agency?
  • nsure if your website is converting visitors to booked new patients?

We creates beautiful and modern dental websites designed to tell your story, give you a competitive edge, and book more of the right patients.

Designed to Convert

■ Designed with patients in mind
■ Photos and videos that tell your story
■ Compelling calls-to-action

Our Best Service

■ Mobile first
■ ADA compliant
■ Integrates with practice software

Optimized for SEO

■ On-brand copy
■ Keywords to help you rank #1 in Google
■ Fast load time

Dental Website Portfolio

Browse our portfolio of beautiful, responsive websites from our satisfied clients. We have designed and promoted websites for many dentist and dental firms worldwide.

Geach Dental
Website Design

Geach Dental

Los Angeles

Atlanta Center
Website Design

Atlanta Center

Atlanta, Georgia

Excentional Dentistry
Website Design

Excentional Dentistry


Aegis Dental
Website Design

Aegis Dental

4125 Fairway, Carrollton

Bowles Dental
Website Design

Bowles Dental

Overland Park, Kansas

Elite Dental Care
Website Design

Elite Dental Care

Westborough, Massachusetts

Wigal Orthodontics
Website Design

Wigal Orthodontics

576 Industrial Pkwy, United States

MillBridge Dentistry
Website Design

MillBridge Dentistry

Waxhaw, North Carolina

Endodontic Excellence of Atlanta
Website Design

Endodontic Excellence of Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia

Brimfield Family Dentistry
Website Design

Brimfield Family Dentistry

Brimfield, Illinois

Village Dental
Website Design

Village Dental

Greenwood Village, Colorado

Hildreth Dental
Website Design

Hildreth Dental

Ennesaw, Georgia

Jackson Family Dental
Website Design

Jackson Family Dental

Liberty, Missouri

Atlanta Dental Spa
Website Design

Atlanta Dental Spa

Atlanta, Georgia

Vijay Dental Clinic
Website Design

Vijay Dental Clinic

Mumbai, India

The Houston Dentist
Website Design

The Houston Dentist

Bellaire, Texas

New York Dentistry
Website Design

New York Dentistry

New York, US

Audubon Dental Center
Website Design

Audubon Dental Center

Clinton, US

Cosmetic Dentistry
Website Design

Cosmetic Dentistry

New City, NY

Nelson Dental Care
Website Design

Nelson Dental Care

Bowling Green, K

Our approach to
dental website design

Our team is made up of talented web designers and developers.

We collaborate to create custom dental websites that make a great first impression on potential patients. Our careful planning helps us get things done quickly without the delays and problems experienced when working with another dental web design company.

Your dental website will be:

  • Cost-effective with a high ROI
  • Optimized for Google rankings
  • Built with WordPress
  • Designed to drive new patient appointments

Increase Your Patient Numbers With a Dental Website Design

Not having yearly regular cleanings is bad for oral health. Just like not having a dental website design is poor for your business growth! The clarity and ease of your website directly reflects what your visitors can expect when visiting your office. When potential clients visit your site, they want to find the information they need quickly, navigate the site easily, and feel a sense of trustworthiness. We can help you reach your full digital potential with the website designs we create for dental practices.

Brand Defining Websites

A website defines your brand and identity in the digital world. Regardless of how big or small your business is, your website quality will affect how your customers perceive your brand and how well they engage with your website. In a world increasingly dominated by online search, your dental practice’s website is often the first impression you make to potential patients. 

Your dental website needs to make a great first impression to help convert that website visitor into an active new patient. Potential patients are searching for dental offices every day. But if your practice isn’t visible online, those patients are likely to go to one of your competitors. 

Our professional web design services cater to different types and sizes of businesses. Whether you are a start-up or an established business, local or global – our web design services can ensure that your website has all the essential features and more. With our track record of satisfied clients, our web design company is always ready to take up new challenges and innovations in web design.

how to get started

Reasons Why You Should Have Fresh
Dental Website Design

Establish Yourself As An Expert

Patients are often indecisive when it comes to choosing a dental service because of two things: One, they don’t personally know you and are doubtful of your skills and two, you have a lot of competitors out there vying for their attention. So how can you solve these two problems?

Incorporating a fresh “about” page in your web design will tell your prospect patients more about yourself and your practice. By establishing yourself as an expert dentist, people will find it easier to trust you in handling their oral health.

Positive Patient Experience

Specifically within any medical industry, patients are often hesitant to make or attend appointments. It’s important to consider this when designing your website! When a patient finds your website, you want them to have an easy, enjoyable experience, indicating that they can expect the same experience when they visit your dental office.

Every dentist wants to offer a painless, hassle free experience that leaves patients happy, smiling, and carefree when they leave.

More Patients

When you have a fresh, intuitive web design, there will be more people who can reach out and contact you. New leads can easily make an appointment anytime, anywhere. Achieve your goals and grow your practice with more patients when you implement dental website design. A good design offers an interactive user experience that is designed to capture new patient leads and increase the number of patients you have at your office.

Constant Availability

Gone are the days when people grab their phone books or the Yellow Pages to search for dental services. In today’s generation, almost everything is done online. That’s why having a dental website design gives your practice the opportunity to be virtually “open” 24/7. Your design can incorporate a scheduling application, contact form, as well as FAQs so that you are always connected to patients and can answer their questions even if they aren’t physically calling or making a visit to your office.

What Do Patients Look for in a Dentist’s Website?

Your website is for your patients, not for you.

Your website matters more than you think.

It’s the first impression you get to make to potential patients and it’s the first place many of your existing patients will go for information. Your website is your chance to showcase yourself and your practice and your opportunity to provide the information your patients (and potential patients) are looking for.


    Smooth Execution Process

    We approach website design in a simple manner and follow up with flawless execution. There are a few things that are essential to an excellent dental website design that informs visitors and converts patients to your office. We make sure to include all of them in your custom design.

    Build Trust

    Your dental web design acts as the initial handshake between you and a new patient or prospective patient. Most people will form an opinion about how much they trust you and your office staff within mere seconds after reaching your website. Our specialists will create a design for you that reflects the values of your office and the warmth of your inviting employees so your current and prospective patients can trust your staff 100% with their dental cleanings and procedures. Not only will you make a great first impression, you’ll make a lasting impression.

    Responsive Design

    In the growing digital age, mobile responsiveness of your website is now expected by both patients and search engines. Your site can actually be seen less if it is not responsive, which is why all of our designs are mobile friendly. We guarantee your new dental web design will be aesthetically pleasing across all devices including desktop, tablet, and mobile. By being easy to navigate, no matter what device your patient is using, you have just made their lives easier and your office their top choice for dental health.

    Ease of Navigation

    Websites are often evaluated on many different metrics, but the ultimate deciding factor on if a website is great or not to visitors is the page speed and load time that enhances the overall user experience for visitors. We will update your code and design or fully build out new code for you that will offer this seamless experience to your user and encourage them to take action and become a member.

    Your Vision

    Whether you need a full dental website design custom built from scratch, an updated redesign, or just some minor updates, our design specialists can accommodate you. Turning your vision into a reality through dental web design is our trade and helping your business grow is our expertise.

    (If you already have a website) What are the Signs that You Need a New Dental Website Design?

    Sure, you now know that web design is very important to a business. But if you’re still thinking…

    …“Do I need to redesign my website?”

    …“My website looks okay for me now, why do I need to change it?”

    …“Maybe I can just redesign it myself?”

    …“How will I know if it’s time for my website to have a makeover?”

    Then let us help you answer these questions! Check out the points we’ve listed below and see if any or a few of these describe your website.

    Your website is not helping you generate more revenue.

    Your website has been published for a while now but still, you don’t see any difference in your revenue. There’s also little increase in the leads that you’ve captured.

    Your dental website design is outdated, jeopardizing your credibility.

    Your website has elements that no longer apply to your practice or has design features that look older in style. The content on your pages hasn’t been updated for a while.

    Your website functions poorly on mobile devices.

    Check your website using your smartphone, how does it look? Do you have to pinch and zoom parts to see the content? Are some of your website’s elements missing when viewed in mobile phones?

    Website visitors are spending little time on your site.

    If your analytics tell you that your website’s bounce rate is high, don’t ignore it. You can tell a lot about your visitor’s behavior using data. And if they are not engaging with your website long enough to contact you, then that’s a problem. Your website should help improve your online presence, not reduce it.

    Visitors can’t schedule an appointment within your website.

    You can’t assume that all your prospects will hop on the phone to contact you. Most people nowadays prefer online booking as it is faster and more convenient for them. So if your website doesn’t have a booking feature, then you’re missing out.

    Your website loads slow no matter how fast your connection is.

    If you click onto a website that takes a while to load, will you wait for it? Or will you go back and check out other websites? It’s probably the latter. Your clients will feel the same if your website loads too slow. So, have you checked all the points listed here? If any of the statements above apply to your practice, then you should consider a new web design.

    There are a few key features that we'll build into your website

    ✓ Mobile Friendly Website
    ✓ First Loading Website
    ✓ Booking Appointment System
    ✓ Security Integration & Speed optimization
    ✓ Optimized for search engines
    ✓ Social Media & SSL Integrations
    ✓ Live Chat & Google Map Integrate
    ✓ Business mail setup
    ✓ PayPal Integration
    ✓ Banner / Image Sliders

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We hope you find the answers to all of you questions here, if not, email us here

    Our website packages are priced depending on the complexity of the project. Please contact me for more information on our pricing. Pricing can vary greatly depending on what you need.

    Most website design and builds take between 4-5 weeks to complete. If information isn’t sent to me in a timely manner it can delay your project. Once we understand the scope of your project we will be able to provide you with a defined project timeline. If you have an urgent deadline, please feel free to let us know, we will do everything possible to expedite your project.

    Yes, we can set up ecommerce functionality on your website and list products for sale. 

    We work closely with several domain and hosting service providers. We can always recommend the most suitable option for your website. We recommend registering these two elements in your business name.

    Yes, we work off a 15% upfront deposit, after 45% work another payment and 40% payable upon completion of the website.

    Absolutely! In 2020 it is vital that your website works perfectly on mobile and iPad. Our websites look great across all devices, and we perform a comprehensive quality assurance check on this before setting any site live.

    Yes! You’ll be able to update text, pictures and more! we will create tutorial video for you.

    No, we hate hidden costs too. Our pricing and inclusions are very transparent, we will provide a fixed price quote that clearly identifies the price you pay and the work we will do.

    Yes, you own 100% of your website and copyright, we retain no ownership of your website.

    Not a problem, we are always here to help address any question you might have. Contact us here, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

    How We Helped

    A Dentist Grow Her Practice With A New Website Design​

    Case Study

    A native New Yorker, Dr. Inna Chern is an experienced general dentist with offices in Midtown Manhattan, and Brooklyn. She provides patients with a unique relaxed, personalized, and small-town approach to dentistry in the heart of the city that never sleeps.

    9X growth in new patients

    Brimfield Family Dentistry

    Brimfield, IL

    Startup practice

       Best decision I made.

    16% website conversion rate

    Atlanta Center for Advanced Periodontics

    Atlanta, GA

    Fee-for-service practice

      Patients say they booked because of our website.

    120% increase in revenue

    Hildreth Dental

    Kennesaw, GA

    Recently purchased practice

      We have seen excellent results with new patient flow.

    $28/ new patient from Facebook Ads

    Cedar Village Dentistry

    Mason, OH

    10 high-tech operatories

      You will not regret the decision to hire DevsBrain.

    4X more online appointments

    Children’s Dentistry of Charlottesville

    Charlottesville, VA

    Pediatric dentist

    We couldn’t be more satisfied working with DevsBrain

    1,000+ Google reviews

    Greater Long Island Dental

    Massapequa, NY

    Established practice

    We are thriving thanks to DevsBrain

    What dentists say

    "This team is always upbeat, energized and ready to work hard for you. They are taking our practices to the next level and the ride is awesome so far!"
    Dr. Brett Friedman
    Towson Smile Care
    "I have appreciated the expertise, ease of communication, professionalism, knowledge base, and results I’ve seen."
    Dr. Caitlin Batchelor
    Batchelor Dentistry
    "They have a team that is energetic, helpful and super easy to work with. We have been very pleased with the results."
    Dr. John Will
    Children's Dentistry of Charlottesville
    "I really can't say enough good things about Dan and his team. They gave me the website of my dreams."
    Dr. Inna Chern
    New York General Dentistry
    "DevsBrain was very valuable in the design of our new website and also in building our online presence."
    Dr. Lee Gary
    The Winning Smile Group
    "The team is super responsive and does a fantastic job communicating so that everyone's needs are met."
    Dr. Thomas Dooley
    Cedar Village Dentistry
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      What Do Patients Look for in a Dentist’s Website?

      Your website matters more than you think.