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Google My Business (GMB) Local SEO

8 Reasons You Should Optimize Your GMB

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    I  got a few questions regarding optimizing or having a google my business profile for local businesses though.


    ➜ Is google my business legit?
    ➜ Should I have a google my business profile for local businesses?
    ➜ Is Google my business Important for local business

    These are the very common questions. I’m going to answer them all.

    Is google my business legit?


    According to Hubspot, 88% of consumers use local search, and around 46% of people seek local information or their daily needs though. So yes, it’s definitely legit.

    Should I have a google my business profile for local businesses?

    Yes, because, if you’re not on your local map pack, you’re missing a lot of customers though.

    Look at the phone calls that bring for our clients through google my business Just look at the screenshots, both are our clients and we optimized their GMB and it brings phone calls. If you have a google my business profile, it will bring you all the local customers around you.

    That’s why You should have a google my business profile.

    Is Google my business Important for local business

    When people search on google to find something important they’re highly targeted and serious customers. You can’t really ignore them. As an example: if you rank for 3 keywords in your city or where you are located, say every keyword has 100 search volume a month.

    That means you’re appearing in front of your target customers 300 times a month. What if you’re ranking for 10 keywords?

    It would be amazing right? And you will get a lot of phone calls from your highly targeted customers.

    So again, if you’re not ranking on the Google Maps pack, you would really be missing a lot of business.

    To catch up with those highly intended customers, you should optimize your Google my business profile to appear on the top. Because your competitors are optimizing their GMB regular basis.

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    8 Reasons You Should Optimize Your GMB

    Google my business profile is free
    Easy and simple to handle
    Customers also searching on google map so it helps them to find you
    It represent your business more professionally
    It brings phone calls, leads from real csutomers
    The honest reviews also help to expand your reputation
    Once you rank on the top you dont have to pay any $ for getting customers,leads or phone calls
    There are no limit that how many keyword you would rank, you can rank 1 – 100s or limitless keywords.

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